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Quick Bites

Christmas is over just like that. I have been spending the past few days in slumberland (damn sleeping patterns) and I have this insatiable appetite for snoozing lately.
And nope, it's not time for a year end recap. Not yet. But before the new year begins, let me give you my second to the last…
“And I, infinitesima­l being,  drunk with the great starry void,  likeness, image of mystery,  I felt myself a pure part of the abyss,  I wheeled with the stars,  my heart broke loose on the wind.”

― Pablo Neruda100 Love Sonnets

Most people ask, "Why now?" It doesn't really matter w…

Christmas 2012 Wish List

(1) Limited edition and signed Wooden Print of a photo of Adam Lazzara and John Nolan (by Dirk Mai) during Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends 10th Anniversary tour. I don't know if there are any left, last time I read, there were only 6 pieces of these. But a girl can dream~
(2) Au…

The topsy-turvy world of Pan de Amerikana

Me and friends from work found another place that could satisfy our late morning cravings that's classified nowhere near fast food! You probably heard of this place from some friend or a friend of a friend, aptly described as that upside down restaurant in Quezon City. Welcome to Pan de Amerik…

Instagram, finally!

[Edit: 04/30/2013] I deleted my Instagram account today.
[Edit: 05/19/2013] I made a new account just because.

Remember that How much does a hipster weigh joke? Haha. No? Okay.

I discovered Instagram way back 2010, I think, and back then it was for iPhone users only. Apparently, Instagra…

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

[02/11/13 Edit: Read my detailed blog post about Vanilla Cupcake Bakery here.]

Went to the mall earlier after work to buy a case for my phone, failed to find a phone case I like, and instead went home with 3 cupcakes from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Glorietta. Hahaha. Since I was in a rush, I wasn…

Quick Bites: Desserts Edition

Since I am such a sucker for sweets, anything from sapin-sapin to key lime pie to Kinder Bueno, here's a list of desserts/sweets that I've tasted in the past month or so and truly liked love.
1. J.Co Donuts & Coffee's Heaven Berry

There's a reason why you have to spend 30 minute…

SoulPancake Sunday

I think truth is a relative term. I think the whole question is subjective.
There are accepted truths out there that applies to you but not to me. There is also the truth or the real story of things. I find it difficult to explain but I'm oddly intrigued by how I would put everything into word…

The internet is wishing me well, I think?

I was supposed to blog about a restaurant we've been to last week but my mind got preoccupied with tweaking things here in my blog. As I was uploading pictures on Tinypic, I got these two Solve Media CAPTCHAs in succession.
I can't help but laugh. Is this a sign? A warning? Or just a mere …

CraftMNL's DIY Glass Etching Workshop

Thought I wouldn't make it to last Saturday's CraftMNL Glass Etching workshop in New Manila. I was quite tired from work, had a few minutes of rest, Cubao traffic was el terible and I was not really familiar with New Manila. Hehe. I still made it in one piece but I was very late. My apolog…

Off The List: Wingman @ The Collective

Wingman, as defined by the trusty Wikepedia: A role that a person may take when a friend needs support with approaching potential partners. Or by The Urban Dictionary: The original military term, wingman, defined a pilot who supports another pilot in a dangerous flying environment. Today, we honor …

Table for One at Chef's Quarter

Last November 10, I finally had spare time so I dragged myself to SM Megamall after work for a day of strolling. It’s been quite a while since I spent some time to look around and/or buy stuff other than to just go there, eat then go home. After buying a box of donuts, a book, looking through guitars and other appliances, getting star struck at the sight of Ramon Jacinto and asking fabrics prices, I sure was hungry.

I wandered around and found this certain section of the mall where a group of restaurants were situated. After scanning the strip of restaurants, I settled at dining at Chef’s Quarter.

I always like to try something new and Chef’s Quarter was a restaurant I’ve never checked out before. After looking at the big menu posted at the entrance, I thought the prices were certainly affordable plus, the ambiance was really nice.

There were not much people inside so I opted to seat at the couches by the glass window. The food attendant that assisted me was very pleasant and as soon as I settled, she handed me the menu and served a glass of water. I was excited to try their desserts but I thought I’ll just order it after my meal. I also asked her if I can go around and take pictures of the place and she pleasantly said yes.

The Dalandan juice I ordered was served right away, and while waiting for my food, I took quick shots of the restaurant’s interior. The place was indeed homey and elegant at the same time. I love the design of the tiles on the bar’s counter; it reminded me of a quilt.

CRAFTMNL's 13 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift-Making Sessions

I think it's about time I learn how to personalize gifts that I give to my friends. There's nothing better than a personal touch added to an already thoughtful act, right? I saw Erin's article in WhenInManila about CRAFTMNL's 13 Days of Handmade Gift-making Sessions and  immediatel…