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Favorite Things #3

Mogu-Mogu Fruit Juice
Real Mango fruit juice with nata de coco! Yum yum! My quick fix for mango juice. If you don't like mango, then I don't like you too. Haha!

Who doesn't like Spam, right? I love Spam as much as I love Ma Ling and breakfast food. I love it like the internet and the sunshine after long days of rain. I love it with all my freaking heart. What makes me love Spam even more is this! Spam with bacon! Spam love x 85663028750495. Thank you Spam for doing this.

Artwork Doodle Notebook
I've blogged and blogged about the great choices of planners you can have for 2012 but I figured, an unruled doodle notebook will suffice for everything. They have a wide variety of designs as cover, and blank pages that will serve as your canvas for everyday! If you like Artwork's shirt designs, you'll definitely like their doodle notebooks to accompany you, anytime, anywhere!

Chic-Boy's Turones con Leche
Was starving at work around lunchtime but too lazy to eat at the pantry, we ordered at Chic-Boy (Jupiter Branch) and of course, had myself the famous CB6. Again, if you don't know CB6, you should. You definitely should. Get up your ass and try it now. Anyway, our Team Leader suggested we try the Turones con Leche because it's a good dessert. Without hesitating, I ordered one to find out how good it is.
I already ate 4 when I remembered to take a picture. Lol.
One order actually consists of 6 pieces of Turon with a hefty serving of caramel sauce. Yum yum yum! And it's all for PhP30! The Turon was crunchy on the outside and the banana filling is soft but not mushy. ANd the caramel sauce is just so perfect! Glad I ordered this one!

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
TBH, I never watched any of the Mission Impossible movies. So I never knew the story of how everything started and all of that. We were hanging out at the mall yesterday and decided to watch this, I have to say that I like it (duh)! I liked that the movie was a combination of a little comedy, suspense and action! Though there were a few lines that I found a little too dramatic.