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The scariest movies I've seen

Today started out the usual way: got out of bed, few minutes at the bathroom, prepared food and sat in front of the computer. While my brother is snoozing the morning away, I found myself looking at some photo stills of Silent Hill and I began to think about all the movies that scared the shit out of me. I'm not a fan of horror/macabre and all those that include intense blood and gore, I can only tolerate so much. But sometimes, due to my brother's insistence, I challenge myself to sit through a whole movie (as long as he's there to watch with me, hahaha). You see, my brother has this strange fascination with movies like this, except the fact that he's scared to watch Paranormal Activity alone. Hahaha.

Here's my very short and limited list:

1. The Strangers (2008)

If I saw the other poster before, it would have spoiled the whole movie for me. This movie scared me because most of the time, the scenes were so creepy silent. It's like that paranoid feeling you have when it get's too silent, something might jump out somewhere out of the blue. I was always holding my breath for a long time during parts of the movie. I'm a very easy person to scare, so this movie has done it's job pretty well.

2. Silent Hill (2006)

This movie was based from a game of the same name but since I never played it, I never knew what to expect. When the siren calls, a complete blackness follows and I had close my eyes then open them slowly just to gauge myself on the next creature I will be feasting my eyes on. Remember Pyramid Head? That's definitely one of the most freaky and brutal characters I've come across with. Then there's the Bubble Head Nurses. Sick. Sick. Sick.They twitch in their movements and look like they're about to burst. And of course, The Janitor.

Barbed wire is wrapped around his ankles, tying them behind his head and digging into his eyes, forcing him to crawl on his genitals. He flicks a blackened, dirty tongue and screams in pain as he drags himself along the floor, his agony doubtless a result of Alessa's desire to punish him. Everything he touches turns to decay, symbolic of his 'dirty touch' and/or a sexually transmitted disease.
 3. Hostel (2005)

I remember Jay Hernandez, weed, Amsterdam and lots of naked women. Then I remember a lot of torture. I remember Hernandez's fingers cut off. And that Japanese girl's eye hanging out and Hernandez had to cut it off as well and some orange goo squirts. And some guy's Achilles' heel was sliced and that poor guy's still attempting to walk. And that same Japanese girl jumping in front of a train and she was squished to human fruit shake. I am just cringing at the thought of these scenes. Pure, pure torture brought to you by Eli Roth.

4. Black Swan (2010)

I read so much great reviews about this movie that I decided to buy a copy (and let's not forget that much talked about girl to girl action of Ms. Portman and Ms. Kunis). The sole reason this movie is going in this list is that I had a nightmare after watching this movie. I really don't know if this was the reason but at some part of the movie struck a chord or something. That and this poster. Just look at those freaky eyes.

5. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Yes, of course a zombie movie. A nurse comes home from work, enjoys the night with her husband and wakes up to find a little kid standing in front of their bed staring at them. At that point, I knew this kid was a zombie. The husband goes to little girl and ends up getting bit. Husband dies and reanimates into a zombie as well. Nurse gets out and a handful of survivors get stuck at a mall. It was a bloody movie as well. This is the movie I never wanted to happen in real life: Getting up in the morning and realizing that zombies are taking over.

Another fact that scared the hell out of me: The zombies can actually run.

6. 28 Weeks Later (2002)

This scene. I know this is not how the world will end because the higher power is good and I will surely die first.

7. The Ring (リング) (1998)

The movie that traumatized me severely. This movie was released 1998 but actually hit our shores around 2003? I watched this film with my college blockmates back then and it still has that lingering effect on me up to this day. Right after we watched this film, I always get so paranoid when looking at the TV and for like 4 years straight, I cannot sleep with the lights off. This is the ultimate film that I will never watch again. If you haven't watched this then you have to.

What are the movies that gives you the creeps?


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