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Planners for the end of the world.

(12/31/11- Want to get a FREE Starbucks 2012 Planner? Click here!)

(12/11/11 - Lego Planner/Galison Fun Plan Update: click here)

We all want to be organized/prepared/reminded of the things important to us, which led to a necessity for a thing called a Planner.

Now, honestly, I don't get to consistently use these things throughout the year but it would be nice to find one that can make you actually organize your life everyday for 365 (or 366) days. Haha. If you know someone who could use one, it could be the right gift just before the new year starts!

So this December, let's start the game of searching for the perfect planner!

Here are some I found on the world wide web:

1. Papemelroti Planners (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

Cheap but pretty and functional. 19.75PhP at Papemelroti branches.

2. (Of course) Planners from your favorite coffee shops (Starbucks/CBTL/Seattle's Best/Figaro)

3. Paolo Coelho's Moments Planner

For the fans of the inspirational books author. Available at Powerbooks for 495PhP.

4. Filed Planner

Anyone who wouldn't like this is beyond me. But this is an absolute favorite. I'm no artist to enjoy this as much but what really got me are the contents:

5. Galison Fun Plan

True to its name! Fresh, colorful and witty. 729PhP at National Bookstore.

6. Slate Planner

For the artists! 499PhP if you order from the website and 549PhP if bought from selected Fully Booked branches.

7. Lego Planner

The mere sight of this brings me joy. Available at Fully Booked for 500PhP.

Spot.ph, Cosmo.ph