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Patricia through the looking glass

You see, I have this affinity with mirrors. Or maybe, I like myself better when I see myself in some mirrors. I have this habit of taking pictures of myself/my reflection especially on those convex mirrors on the corners of convenience stores. Hahaha. And now I just realized I have a building collection of mirror shots.

Krispy Kreme
Mercury Drug
SM Makati
Inside the tricycle
Inside the elevator
The Ramp
Mini stop (with teh bro)
Glorietta (with teh father)
At some supermarket
It's not really a weird habit for a lot of people are doing this. I just find some of the pictures I've taken over the years so funny because some of them show very little of my face. I'm gonna update this post as soom as I got more! Haha!

Alternative post title: The cellphone evolution