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Patricia The Spender

We all know that during December, we all got extra money because of the different bonuses (Christmas bonus, 13th month pay and/or annual tax refund). I told myself I'm gonna save money this time around so I can pursue the Web Design course next year but it seems the universe conspires once again, and now I am powerless over the things I spent my money on. I could just slap myself hard on the face for all the unnecessary purchases I made, a couple of thousand pesos could've been saved. But oh well, the damage has already been done.

Here's the list of the things I shouldn't have bought but sadly, I gave in and I did:

1. A new pair of Chuck Taylors (Degree of needlessness: 1/5)

Well, maybe I've been meaning to buy a new pair but definitely not now. When I went to the Converse sale, I thought I could avail a pair for around PhP700. Lol. Yes, I was expecting that much discount. I'm only half guilty for purchasing the shoes because in the long run, I know I will need this.

2. Fuji Instax Cheki Mini 20 (Degree of needlessness: 3/5)

I love anything instant, that's what I say over and over. I have no plans whatsoever of acquiring this analog camera until I came across a certain post in Tumblr. And the impulsiveness washed over me, after a few minutes of finding this is Ebay, I clicked 'Buy Now'. I was thinking now on how I shouldn't have bought this but paying around PhP3,000 for a package that includes the camera, 2 batteries, snap on close-up lens and 8 films seems like such a good deal that I, unfortunately, didn't resist.

3. My own domain name (Degree of needlessness: 4.5/5)

If you're paying attention (or if anybody out there is paying attention), you would see that my personal blog is now under http://www.leftoverjinx.com! I bought the domain name just this morning and felt like an ultimate newbie when I was having a hard time redirecting my domain name to this blogspot account. Thank you so much, Google. So the scenario was like this: I thought of trying to pay through my debit card, I thought it wouldn't push through. But it did. Hahaha!

4. A kilo of chocolate truffles and 4 cans of Spam (Degree of needlessness: 5/5)

I absolutely love Spam and chocolates but I had no intention of buying these until we went to SNR yesterday together with our Operations Manager. Once exposed to the temptation, I can't help but give in. And that sounds so gluttonous, right? I keep thinking that what I spent here could've covered for my bill in Globe. Lol.

Or maybe, I do not really regret buying these stuff because I like them all. It was more of the timing when I bought these things. They were not a part of my To Buy list for December. Lol.

This would be the last. I promise.