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Favorite Things #4

First, let me greet you a very Merry Christmas! For the longest time, this is how I spend my Christmas: Hear mass on Christmas eve, eat Noche Buena with my family, drink a little with my bestfriend, go to Tagaytay on Christmas Day with my whole extended family (mother's side). But none of those will happen this year. This time, I'll be spending the turn of the clock to December 25 at work. Yes, this is the first time it'll happen after 24 years of tradition. Changes, changes. We just need to embrace it.

Traffic's worse today, it took me two and a half hours to get home. I can just imagine how it will be later when I go to work. And it's raining! I'm now home alone, about to sleep, and here are the little things that made me happy this Christmas Eve:

1 - Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's. I'm alone right now and moping (a little) that I wouldn't be able to spend Noche Buena with the folks and I arrived home but nobody's here, the nuggets just made me feel better. Haha. Makes me feel warm inside.

2 - Hard bound books. These are the gifts I got from our exchange gift earlier (thanks Daddy Jo!) and I look forward to the days when I'll be spending my time reading books again. And I wonder when that would be. I really, really miss those days.

3 - Fuji Instax Mini 20. This is on my unnecessary purchases for December but I'm still happy I bought it! And it's purple! There was a little trouble with the battery before but I got it working earlier and here is my snapshot:
Let's go analog!

4 - Giordano watch. I bought from a friend at work. I love being able to find watches like this! It's made of some sort of rubber and it's very, very cute!

That's about it! I'll do a separate entry about the Fuiji Instax Mini 20 once I've used all the films!

Life is all about changes so we musn't be afraid of it. Life's to short so always make the most out of it! (I didn't mean for it to rhyme.) Anyway, let's celebrate the spirit of Christmas by being positive towards our outlook in life. Things are never, ever easy, let's enjoy the ride! (Again, I didn't mean it to rhyme.)

Merry Christmas everyone (if there's anybody out there)!

Looking forward to a happy Christmas later at work! :)

Dear college friends, I miss you all right now. I wish we can get together soon.