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Converse Mega Sale

Unplanned trips sure are the best! Went to SM Megamall today with some of my friends from work because of the 'Up to 70% off sale' at Converse. It's been ages since I last wore one and of course, the cheapskate in me cannot resist!

I've been wanting a new pair of sneaks for the longest time and the timing is just perfect. We were there around 10 am, went to MegaTrade Hall A and found this crowd waiting outside, waiting for the doors to open.

The competition! Haha.
A few friends arrived there earlier so we squeezed ourselves through the crowd and joined them in waiting. And finally, the doors were opened!

I do not have pictures inside as everything went crazy and I was just so busy trying to find a perfect pair of shoes that will fit me. I am a size 9 or 10 (American size is 7.5). I was such having a hard time looking for shoes because when I find one that I like, it's just too freaking small for me. But anyway, after an hour perhaps of painstakingly searching for a good pair, I found one! Just designed with some sort of zebra stripes. Swirly, black and white stripes (which, I believe, Sam also liked though he never bought one. Lol.) I'm too lazy to post a picture right now.

After this crazy feat we did (and a good half an hour of roaming around) and because Zel's feet are aching for some rest, we decided to eat lunch at Classic Savory and head home afterwards because we're so tired and we have shifts later (I actually have 2 hours left of sleep only, right after I finish this).

The happy, shoe searching people!
 Oh and we saw this exhibit (for free) and we just had to take pictures! There was actually a David Bowie painting but I guess I accidentally deleted it. There was also a Joker painting (Heath Ledger's), Frida Kahlo inspired one, one resembling Spoliarium and some other painting of monsters. We never really asked the person-in-charge there as he was too busy telling the few people to not touch the paintings or to be careful when taking pictures.

(Okay, so with the help of Google, I found out that the artist's name is Igan D'Bayan. The exhibits name is Headf*ck as shown in the first photo. As per PhilStar article, the exhibit's closing reception is on Dec. 17, Saturday, 6 p.m., featuring a performance of rock band The Black Vomits, composed of Joyen Santos on vocals, Bryan Escueta on guitar, Julius Sanvictores on drums and Igan D’Bayan on bass. Damn, should've visited tomorrow.)
Igan D'Bayan