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Goodbye, big hair!

After waiting for so long, my favorite salon here in Cavite finally had a promo for Hair Rebonding. It's been a year since I had my hair treated for a relax. I had to wait for December too because I will be paying for it this time. Hahaha. Say hello to my chemical-infused hair!

You don't see any difference, eh? Fuck you! Hahaha.

Sometimes, you just realize how hard it is to be a woman. It took 4 and a half hours to finish the whole thing and I kept squirming on my seat because I'm really very sleepy and it's just so hard spending 4 and a half hours with your ass on a chair. But yeah sure, it paid off. I will have decent hair for the next 6 months perhaps.

Then there's pedicure, eyebrow threading (which hurts like shit) and facial treatment. You see, I am a girl. Hahaha.

Next I have in mind is to cut my hair short.

OT: Funny google search directs to my site. LOL