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December ♥ v.2

I was looking forward to a very happy December because of all the plans I had to go to different places. But now it sucks because everything seems to be wrong and plans are, one by one, cancelled. [Insert the saddest smiley here]
  • Our wave's plan of having a Christmas party at Puerto Galera will forever be a plan since all the vacation leaves we applied were disapproved. That and my scheduled rest days for the month are Tuesdays and Wednesdays as opposed to Wednesday and Thursday trip. I have this dilemma of trading shifts because after the longest time, I was able to get the 10 pm shift. Goodbye, drinking Tanduay Ice while sitting on the seashore. Goodbye sceneries. Goodbye photos.
  • The trip to Silverbox Cafe in Divisoria was a failure. 
  • I haven't been to Serenitea yet to try the Mango Yakult Tea and Mango Frost.
  • We were not able to pursue the supposed trip to La Mesa Eco Park due to some unavoidable circumstances.

The things I'm very, very looking forward to, at least this week:
  • Food trip at Paris Delice at Makati Avenue!
Hi, Nutella-filled Chocolat Beignet!
Hi, Quiche Spinach!

  • The Whilst We Wait Exhibit in Paseo de Roxas
  • Tons of photos from the event, merchandise from the event
  • Shopping by the end of the week!
December, please be kind. I still have my faith in you.