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Currently thinking about

1. Tax Due. Most people will be receiving tax refund this December but I'm worrying that things will be the opposite for me. I get the computations as per one of our Team Leaders showed us but they all say it'll be a different scenario if you are previously employed this year. To think that, I had two previous employers this year, argh!

2. More skills. Everybody loves our LOB for even though we only have one (1) skill, we have the same pay as those with nine (9) skills. And as I learned, the more skills you have, of course, the broader your scope of work is. And recently, since Christmas will be the peak season of our account, a handful of agents were trained for another skill just to cope up with the up coming demand. I was fine with that until it was announced earlier that we will be acquiring a total of four (4) skills and the other three (3) skills, we will be trained for a mere four (4) hours.

I was just in shock when I learned this. Everything is just so fast. I know this is not a bad thing because it means the business is doing good. It's just that I just wish there'd be extra time to prepare ourselves more for this. Good luck.

3. Serenitea. For some reason, I can't find the perfect time to drop by at Serenitea and have a decent Mango Yakult. What's funny is that there is actually a branch just near our office. But I don't really know what are the store hours and most of the time after work, I'm too sleepy to wander around. But of course, today is different because it's payday. Hopefully, I can drop by before I go to training later.

4. Christmas shopping. I'm now thinking of all the gifts I could buy for people I love and I should budget all my money to accommodate all of this and actually have spare to spend on my hair. I sort of hate the Christmas rush because it makes everything so tiring (too many people, too many choices and not having enough time!).

5. Non-fashion related blogspot account. I really, really want to find a blog that is not about fashion. Arts is okay. Music. Movies would be great. It seems impossible to find one. All I see are these blogs with dresses and Lookbook accounts, etc.

6. A new tattoo. If I have enough spare money after the holiday season, I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. I really don't have anything in mind right now. For all I know, it's still gonna be a favorite word/phrase/quote/line from a song. Let's see if I'll be able to do this before the year ends.

It's gonna be a busy month for me. I really, really hope I don't get a tax due.