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Bestfriendship Chronicles

Time indeed flies so fast. Here we are, at the first day of the last month of the year.

Spent the entire morning with the bestfriend, Cy just hanging around and talking about our lives in general.

The morning in a photo:

Man, we're all grown up. Matured, in away. We talk about things we've never talked about before in the history of our life long friendship. Of course, it feels good to be sharing things and having intellectual conversations with your best friend. But on thing is for sure, we're still at that point in our lives where nothing is set in stone and everything is still dependent on other factors in our lives.

We had breakfast (or dinner, technically) at KFC and we decided to hangout after at SB at 6750 for we had agreed to watch Breaking Dawn after our shifts. Finally able to try the Toffee Nut Latte Frapp! Tastes good but I still prefer the Creme Brulee Frappuccino! :(

We're too early for the movie so we went around looking at furniture at Dimensione. More pictures!

Waiting for the ticket booth to open

 I'm already 25 and she's turning 25 next month and we both got this panicky feeling of being stuck when we should've already made things happen in our lives.

I'm just so glad, somehow, I already got the ball rolling.

Breaking Dawn feedback: I swear I saw Kristen Stewart's nipple! Haha! I swear! And she was sexy as hell during their honeymoon scenes!