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To Do List: Done!

With my last payout, I was quite satisfied to be able to cross out a lot on my To Do/To Buy list. It's a habit I had to keep track on all the things I need to prioritize come pay days.

I was so happy I was able to get my eyeglasses frames last week though I didn't buy any of those two from my wishlist. So in short, things were bought, bills were paid but the top 3 things I needed to do was still left undone. 

But before any of those things were put into action, I spent my morning with my two buddies from work, Sam and Alex. We went out for coffee near the office and ate at Chicboy afterwards. Nothing better that the combination of the food you love and some gossip lovin' with friends.

Here's to your non-stop comments and constant checking out of guys! Hahaha!
Alex was the first to go home but Sam accompanied me at SM to get new lenses for my frames. Here are the frames I bought from Paterno Eyewear:

Frames from Paterno Eyewear!
We had the lens changed at Ideal Vision for PhP400 and I just had to wait for 30 minutes! Yey! Graded lenses off my list! 2 more to go!

After more hours of strolling, Sam decided to go home while I waited for Cy to arrive as she wanted to buy new clothes. We met up and ate at Sizzling Pepper Steak.

I forgot what it's called. 
Turtle Cheesecake! Yum yum yum!
Me looking far away~ LOL
We went to buy shirts and I bought pants that she said I really, really needed. Ya know, when it comes to dressing up, I count on her because she definitely knows what she's doing and I, on the other hand, am always rather clueless. Skinny jeans off of my list! And the last thing I really needed to buy was a new Blackberry charger, which I actually got for PhP250 at the store at the FX/Van Terminal beside SM Makati though Cy said we could've had the price lower. Blackberry charger off the list! Done! Done! Done!

I feel a certain kind of satisfaction when I get things done. Like I'm proud of myself or something. Haha.

PS. Alternative post title: Gluttony or something like it