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TL Toni's Surprise Birthday Party Photo Dump

For our Team Leader's 32nd birthday, we surprised her at our office with flowers, a gift and overflowing food! It's too bad the camera wasn't allowed inside at the earlier part of our party, we could've captured her initial reaction, it was just priceless! She was so happy and so surprised! Haha. And she told us she wasn't used to gifts. Anyway, we were really happy for her, she's one of the best bosses I had in my entire career. And since it was a rare occasion that a camera was allowed inside our production floor, we (or they, because I was doing calls on the good part of that shift. Boo!) took a lot of shots! Here are some of the photos:

Our Team Leader (TL Toni), Business Director (Ms. Nor) and Operations Manager (Sir Julian)
It was TL Jap's birthday too! That's WMM5!
Our team! Minus me, Keith, Jerome and the dayshifts.
(L-R): Rodge, Zel, Ed, John, Mak, Vicki and Randy
The food! Charlie Chan, Carbonara, Salad, Maja Blanca, Jello Shots
not on the photo: Buffalo wings and Fish fillet c/o John and Randy!
WUSHU-MTBP Team Leaders! TL Chris, Mak, TL Shake and TL Eve
TL Toni with the flowers and gift!
Finally, I was on the pictures!
And look at me! Look at me!

Thank you for calling, my name is Trish. How may I help you today? Hahaha.
It was really a fun day for everyone. Lots of food and laughter. I never thought I would be this happy and working. Lol. People you work with really do make a big difference. And TL Toni is true to the word of being a "leader." She's best at leading us instead of "bossing" around!