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Favorite Things #2

Since I am still waiting for photos to be uploaded from John's birthday celebration yesterday, I came up with a list of some random things that are my absolute favorite and I thank the God above that have become a part of my life. Heehee.

1. SR Thai Cuisine
I did a "review" back then about this little restaurant in the area of Dapitan. After our time spent on that cute transient room we had, we never had the opportunity of eating there again. I didn't know that they were able to read my little feedback and posted it on their Facebook page until now.

2. Bicol Express
I'm addicted to this dish as I am addicted to the internet. I really can't get enough. I always request to have it made on all occasions possible. Hahaha. The first Bicol Express I tried was one we bought from a carinderia and from then on, I'm always craving for this dish. Though, I never tried an authentic Bicol Express (which is supposedly very spicy).

For John's birthday, I asked if they could make Bicol Express and they did! Hehe. Thank you, Randy!
(It was reddish because they used paprika, still tastes great though!)
3. Air-conditioned buses
Never mind the traffic. As long as I'm in one, I really don't care. I remember those days during college when it was summer, and I would walk to the bus terminal for a ride home and I was all soaked with sweat and I couldn't wait to be in the cradling, loving arms of a San Agustin bus.

4. Backpacks
I don't know how people live with bringing just their purses or cutesy, girly little bags. How can you fit everything you need in a bag the size of a notebook? Maybe, one of the reasons why people (eherm) see me as always rugged looking is because I always prefer to bring a backpack. I just stuff everything I need in there and off I go, plus, I can bring as much as I want! So yes, backpacks are an absolute favorite.

5. Starbucks' Creme Brulee Frappuccino
This is the one blended coffee I can drink everyday. It's sweet but not too sweet and everytime I drink this, it hits the right spot and somehow my day is better and sunshine-yer. Too bad, it's a seasonal drink. Looking forward to this again next year!

What are your favorite things?