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Quirky little place called Subspace

My bestfriend has been raving about this placing she saw on the internet (which I saw once or twice as well through tumblr) called Subspace. So we quickly added it to our (places) bucket list. This coffee shop is located in Ortigas (we live in Cavite, work in Makati) and our schedule limits us from going to places quite far so it took us quite a while before we decided to go there.

We decided a few weeks back that we would go today which almost didn't happen because she didn't almost want to wait for me because I went to our team breakfast.

We were almost complete! (With TL Chris and Che)
We met up, hailed a cab to go to Ortigas. Hello Subspace!

Two words to describe the place: quaint and eclectic. It was intimate and random but the pieces seem to fit altogether. It was so visually stimulating as there were a lot of things to look at and nothing seems to be the same. Little details on the desks, on the counter, the chair pieces, the chairs at the ceiling, the lighting and the pictures on the wall. Here are more pictures of the interior:

We asked what was the best seller and they said the Peanut Butter Latte (hot drink), so Cy ordered that (with carbonara) and I preferred the Chocolate drink (iced drink). Uhm, yeah. It was okay. But the Peanut Butter Latte actually tasted good and it has that taste that makes you warm inside. Haha.

I think what makes this coffee house different from the rest is how they put so much effort on details which will make your coffee experience so much better. This place is definitely edgy and boasts a lot more personality than all of those other coffee shops we know.

Cy sending subliminal messages
After a while of talking and chatting, we decided to go home. It's a place you would hang out at if you're into arts and design and if you're around the area. And this is a must for K-Pop fans! For me though, this is a place I could occasionally go to because it's quite far. I have yet to try their Cinnamon melt and Purple Potato Latte that looked so delicious, maybe next payout I could order that but to go.

Yey! One place off our bucket list!

Subspace is located Unit 103 G/F Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City