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Pre-Halloween Adventure: Manila Ocean Park

Happy Halloween!

Talking about Halloween and the things that scare us, here are some facts about me: I do not like the vast ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds and all bodies of water. I am not a beach baby. I don't like it when I see sharks and gators or crocs. In short, I am afraid of the deep. Haha!

We had plans already of going to Manila Ocean Park in Manila just so we could do something new. We don't go out a lot and when we do, we just hit the malls to watch movies, shop, hang out and eat. It's a good thing it's open on holidays.

We got there around 12 noon. It was really hot yesterday. We opted for Marine Life Fun for P600. It included a trip to the Oceanarium, a Sea Lion Show and Fish Spa.

Since the Sea Lion Show was at 2 pm, we went to the Oceanarium first. I got tons of fish pictures, seriously so the ones I'm gonna share are the ones I loved and hated.

This is the one you'll first see when you enter the Oceanarium. I didn't bother remembering the name, I called it the prehistoric fish. Damn it was big and I read it eats chickens. It gives me the creeps! Sorry for the sucky picture, it kept on moving and I can't have a decent shot.

There were a few more tanks with Arowanas and such, so we proceeded upstairs and much to my surprise this was under the stairs:

I almost jumped when I saw it and found out there were a lot of them just underneath us. I KNOW I AM A BIG BABY FOR COMPLAINING HOW THE STAIRS WERE TOO LOW AND THEY MIGHT CLIMB UP WHEN THEY'RE HUNGRY. Hahaha. I'm just not a big fan.

Finally, we reached the part with the cute fishes. Yes. Finally. Here are some of the pictures!

I wasn't impressed with the Shark tank at all. The tank seems empty with one coral in the middle and the sharks seem... weak? They are mostly at the bottom and not all rage-y and bloody as I imagined. It was as if they were all sleeping.

We grabbed a quick snack but we knew too well we were late for the Sea Lion Show. And what sucks is that we had to exit the main building and go outside for the show. So to make the long story short, we arrived there, sat on the higher benches and just watched 10 minutes worth of the show. There was one male (Isis) and one female sea lion for the show. I got a snapshot at the end. Adorbz! Look at them sticking their tongue out and grinning!

And for our last stop, the Fish Spa. Majority of the facilities in Manila Ocean Park are still under construction. I don't know if this is included. Beside the Aquanaut, there were 2 shallow pools (knee-deep). There wasn't even a decent entrance. Lol. It was just a stall and there was this girl showing you where to go. I think they should expand this part because a lot of people enjoy this treat (us included) and it was just so crowded. The Fish Spa also last for 10 minutes only. Boo!

I loved this! I was tickled and the same time it was kind of therapeutic. And you'll really wonder how much dead skin you have! Hahaha! I wish it was longer though.

I can safely say that we got what we paid for. It was quite tiring but enjoyable. Although facilities can still be improved, all in all it was a fun experience. People should give them a visit especially those with kids and of course, those who are kids at heart!

After the 3 hours worth of activities, we decided afterwards to go to SM Manila to grab something to eat since the Wendy's inside Ocean Park doesn't offer the Baconator.

I'm still looking forward to going back there to try the Mega 4D rider, to see the Jellies and the Penguin Show (will open on the 5th of November)!

And, I end this post with the picture of the mouthwatering Baconator I ate and a sunset picture from Manila.

And just like that, the long holidays are over. :)