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Now, the big question.

This has got to be the question most asked by my current colleagues.

I remember the first day of our training day, our trainer asked us how our other colleagues would remember us by, and I answered I was the engineering graduate turned call center agent.

I know most people perceive this as kind of lowering my standard or something to that effect but I honestly think, no. Not at all. TBH, I really didn't know what lead me to quit my chemical engineering ways (maybe I was burnt out, maybe it was not really what I wanted, and other excuses I have) but I knew that it wasn't for me anymore (I wish I was this brave in other aspects of my life). I find myself always looking forward to the weekend, and slowly, this certain feeling of dissatisfaction builds up until I wake up one morning and I've given up on work once again.

Rewind: 2009. I quit my first job (which I truly loved except for some parts aka the pay and the benefits) and found myself wandering towards "greener" pasture. I applied at this well known semiconductors company in Laguna (referred by college friends) and was impressed by the pay, benefits plus the fact I get to work with friends! Then I found myself so ineffective because I hate dealing with a whole lot of people. Then the fact that we work 12 hours a day became an issue until I quit or more like, I disappeared. The last job I had was at a chemicals plant in Cavite (my shortest period of employment: 3 months) which I'd rather not discuss because some people may read this and I don't want to create trouble. Hehehe.

Peeps from my first work (PCI Worldwide, Inc.)
With my NEO-mates at Samsung
With the best people! Colleagues from Pacific Rare Specialty Metals and Chemicals

Hello: Present. I am happy to say that I am happy. Sure, there were times that I thought, "Is this really it?" and I count the seconds until my shift is over. Sometimes, I think of my headset as a chain and I'm tied to my Avaya. I know I am happier. Happier with the environment, happier with the people surrounding me, happier with the pay, basically, happier with everything.

Yay! The happiest people! WMM2!
I can't say that I won't stay for a very long time. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But I'm at a point right now where I do not feel an itch to update my resume and search for job openings at Job Street. And it really feels good. Somehow, I am contented.

I hope everything stays this way for a long, long time. :)