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Late Post: Food Trip at Yang Chow Restaurant

To wrap up my 4-day off from work, my mom decided that we eat out at this Chinese restaurant of sorts just along Aguinaldo Highway. You see, I'm quite proud of the progress of this town because different fast food chains and restaurants are beginning to sprawl (McDonald's, Yellow Cab, Tropical Hut and coffee shops like Bialetti, Healthy Grounds, etc.). One things I hate about our town: TRAFFIC, which will be discussed further with absolute hate on another post. Hehe.

Anyway, back to Yang Chow. My mom loved this place because of their Yang Chow rice. Actually, we ate here a couple of times already because it's the most accessible "restaurant" for us.

The happy hungry people:

He and I. Don't ask why I made that face. Haha.
Mama and Papa. (My brother was at work.)
While waiting for your order to arrive, they serve hot tea (unlimited). But yeah, I'm not a big fan but my folks love it. They serve it in those white, ceramic tea pots and tea cups for a more Chinese feel, perhaps? IRDK. Haha.

The interiors are cozy and a lot of improvement has been made! I think the building used to be a bank, if I remember it correctly. They also have that see-through window to their kitchen so you can see everything when they're cooking.

And here's the feast!

(L-R): Tea, Nido Soup, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Beef with Broccoli, Fish Fillet (?) and LECHON KAWALI
I LOVE Lechon Kawali. You have no idea. No matter where I go, if it's on a resto's menu, I always order Lechon Kawali. That, or Liempo. Hahaha.

It was a hearty meal, indeed. The food was yummy, the service was fast and my mom thinks you get what you paid for here. I highly recommend the Beef with Broccoli, it's just perfect. And of course, never forget the Lechon Kawali.


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