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I'm (trying to be) a responsible adult

The one thing people seem to miss is being young. I certainly feel the same way. And the one thing that separates being a child from an adult is responsibility. Most of the time the future's still a blur for me and it scares me. I'm 25 and I feel like I'm just starting my life right now. But I know I'm on the right foot now and I just need to keep things up. But since I'm a late bloomer in all the ways you can imagine, here I am contemplating on things I need to improve on because I AM NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER.

1. Health
It's no sweat deviating myself from cigarettes and alcohol but it's another thing when it comes to food. I've never been slim/thin for a long time, most of the time my weight is on a roller coaster. I decide to lose weight, then I gain it all again, then I lose again then I gain again.

Sometimes, I wish I was still this thin. Haha. (Year 2007 with Joyce)
But sometimes, I still miss that feeling of being completely drunk that I'm so helpless to do anything. Haha. I was quite like that during college but only for a brief moment though.

My drunk face circa 2007 (With Roch and someone's baby). Hahaha.
With my work now, I have no exercise of any sorts, I eat a lot of junk and fast food. So I'm starting with eating just plain biscuits and not eating a whole bag of chips, sticking with water instead of buying Gulp, no more McDO or KFC as of the moment AND cut down or zero sweets. I'm trying to lose extra habits so that I could be healthier. I'm already damaged enough and I think I would like to live until I'm 70. Hahaha.

2. Saving up
I'm terrible at saving money. That's why I can't even bring myself to apply for a credit card, I actually do attempted but I ended up thinking about all my expenses and that's when I change my mind. It's either saving up or investing my money on things I need. I usually spend my money (a lot of it) on food, books and movies. I have this huge collection of movies and books that I honestly haven't finished yet. But my ultimate goal is to buy a decent camera and a laptop as well and an iPod classic. Hahaha. I am challenging myself now that by the end of the year I have saved an amount of money so I can get the ball rolling on my DSLR fund. Hehe.

3. Do more DIY stuff
I should learn to recycle stuff that I have instead of throwing it away. Old jeans, old shirts, maybe I should start learning being ~*~crafty~*~ so things can still be salvaged and turned into something good, better yet, wearable.

Featuring my first DIY shorts.
Lol. Look and marvel at my freaking creativity. These are an old pair of pants that's beginning to have this hole at the thigh. I basically just cut the jeans to certain length and folded the seams. There you go, new shorts for Trisha. But I do have plans of attaching lace things on the seams to make it look decent, at least.

4. Leaving excess baggage

What the picture says exactly. May it be old grudges, people you don't necessarily have good relationships with but are still sticking around, people you know you don't want/need, bad memories of your childhood, bad memories you had last year, failures, mishaps and all those things. This just makes life extra harder to bear and you don't really get anything out of it. I would like to live my future with no ball and chain attached to my feet.