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December ♥

Forgive me for being too excited as this is my first time going to the place. I've never really liked going out that much because I'm lazy and all but this trip really got me excited! I can just picture it in my mind. White beach. Drinking session with friends. Never mind the ocean. Haha.

I have extreme wanderlust right now.

Here are the places that I'm going to in the next few days:

1. Excited to go to this place called Silverbox Cafe, we'll check the place out once we have completed our shopping tasks at Divisoria.
2. I want to go to Serenitea to try their Mango Yakult.
3. Seeing college friends tomorrow for our almost monthly meet ups.
4. And by the end of the month, we will be going to La Mesa Eco Park for a picnic!
5. Going to Laguna for reunion of old workmates
6. Visit Balinsasayaw in Silang, Cavite with another batch of old workmates

So, what will I bring to the beach?
Hahahaha. Pardon my Photoshop skills!