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Giligan's + Baja Mexican Cantina

I was watching this movie yesterday and giggled when I saw this line. I wanted to make it my new blog header (I tried) but it looked awkward so I ended using it as a post header. Lol. Troy Dyer is like the wittiest fictional person and the biggest jerk at the same time and this movie is the one I can watch everyday for the rest of my life. Haha.


Finally made ends meet and met up with college friends! Hurrah! We made a promise to see each other once a month but we all learned it was quite impossible because of our schedules. (Wow, saying all of that made me feel like an adult!)

Since I am out of words right now, let me just bomb you with photos.

First stop, dinner at Giligan's in Glorietta 5:

Mandatory food picture
The early birds!
Surprisingly, I was the 5th person to arrive. Bravo. Haha.

Of course, there was never ending laughter. May finally graces us with her presence, that's why we kept on making fun of her that night. Hahaha. And yes, we talked about our other friends that weren't there. Hehehe.

Last stop: Baja Mexican Cantina at Greenbelt to have a few drinks

Joyce went home because she needed to be early at work the next day. May and Rap went to Laguna for a former colleague's despedida. I hope May was able to do what she needed to do. Hahaha.

Hello, large Mango Margarita!
The most amazing nachos in the universe for the sole fact that it has cream cheese.
It was a fun, fun, FUN night of course! Sucks that we haven't been complete for the longest time. But we'll be seeing each other this December for our dinner buffet in Intramuros! Yey!

We so kyot!
 I was also supposed to blog about Silverbox Cafe but I was so disappointed that when we went there yesterday, it was closed for renovation or something. :(