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Now, the big question.

This has got to be the question most asked by my current colleagues.

I remember the first day of our training day, our trainer asked us how our other colleagues would remember us by, and I answered I was the engineering graduate turned call center agent.

I know most people perceive this as kind of lowering my standard or something to that effect but I honestly think, no. Not at all. TBH, I really didn't know what lead me to quit my chemical engineering ways (maybe I was burnt out, maybe it was not really what I wanted, and other excuses I have) but I knew that it wasn't for me anymore (I wish I was this brave in other aspects of my life). I find myself always looking forward to the weekend, and slowly, this certain feeling of dissatisfaction builds up until I wake up one morning and I've given up on work once again.

Giligan's + Baja Mexican Cantina

I was watching this movie yesterday and giggled when I saw this line. I wanted to make it my new blog header (I tried) but it looked awkward so I ended using it as a post header. Lol. Troy Dyer is like the wittiest fictional person and the biggest jerk at the same time and this movie is the one I can watch everyday for the rest of my life. Haha.


Finally made ends meet and met up with college friends! Hurrah! We made a promise to see each other once a month but we all learned it was quite impossible because of our schedules. (Wow, saying all of that made me feel like an adult!)

Since I am out of words right now, let me just bomb you with photos.

Late Post: John's Birthday

Just some pictures from the celebration.

We had John's pre-birthday celebration at Pasig at Daddy Jojo's house. Daddy Jojo's house is uber cute! He has this Marilyn Monroe poster on his living room and a lot of cutesy, collectible stuff! It totally reminded me of my grandmother's house in Manila.

Other random pictures:

December ♥

Forgive me for being too excited as this is my first time going to the place. I've never really liked going out that much because I'm lazy and all but this trip really got me excited! I can just picture it in my mind. White beach. Drinking session with friends. Never mind the ocean. Haha.

Favorite Things #2

Since I am still waiting for photos to be uploaded from John's birthday celebration yesterday, I came up with a list of some random things that are my absolute favorite and I thank the God above that have become a part of my life. Heehee.

1. SR Thai Cuisine
I did a "review" back then about this little restaurant in the area of Dapitan. After our time spent on that cute transient room we had, we never had the opportunity of eating there again. I didn't know that they were able to read my little feedback and posted it on their Facebook page until now.

Whilst We Wait

Here's another list.

I got this from Helga's blog.

10 REALLY RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME I love mustard. I can always find something interesting to waste time on the internets. I am both organized and disorganized. I like making lists. I have this funny facial expression when I'm extremely nervous. I have never endin…

To Do List: Done!

With my last payout, I was quite satisfied to be able to cross out a lot on my To Do/To Buy list. It's a habit I had to keep track on all the things I need to prioritize come pay days.

I was so happy I was able to get my eyeglasses frames last week though I didn't buy any of those two from my wishlist. So in short, things were bought, bills were paid but the top 3 things I needed to do was still left undone. 

Me and You and Everyone We Know

From what I know, this is the directorial debut of Miranda July. I was curious about the movie and I decided to download it. I liked the movie. I like Christine's persistence and most of the time, strangeness. I liked how each of the characters' stories are related to one another. I liked the story of Ellen and Michael, too. Though, some parts were too strong for me. Overall, I liked it.

More screen caps.

Quirky little place called Subspace

My bestfriend has been raving about this placing she saw on the internet (which I saw once or twice as well through tumblr) called Subspace. So we quickly added it to our (places) bucket list. This coffee shop is located in Ortigas (we live in Cavite, work in Makati) and our schedule limits us from going to places quite far so it took us quite a while before we decided to go there.

We decided a few weeks back that we would go today which almost didn't happen because she didn't almost want to wait for me because I went to our team breakfast.

We were almost complete! (With TL Chris and Che)
We met up, hailed a cab to go to Ortigas. Hello Subspace!

I'm (trying to be) a responsible adult

The one thing people seem to miss is being young. I certainly feel the same way. And the one thing that separates being a child from an adult is responsibility. Most of the time the future's still a blur for me and it scares me. I'm 25 and I feel like I'm just starting my life right now. But I know I'm on the right foot now and I just need to keep things up. But since I'm a late bloomer in all the ways you can imagine, here I am contemplating on things I need to improve on because I AM NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER.

Things Keeping Me Busy

Two entries for today! A lot sure is going on right now.

With this type of work, I rarely go out and when I do it's usually when I file for 2 days leave because I cannot keep up and I end up yawning and yearning for my bed. But I do occasionally go out with friends for a caffeine fix and some last minute shopping. Aside from TL Toni's birthday bash, I met up with former colleagues so I could celebrate my birthday with them and I was supposed to post it as well but my camera's battery died so I had no pictures of the event.

Here's a quick list of the thing's I'm up to right now:

1. The Sims 3
Say hello to my Sims 3 character, Morgan Witter!

I spend so much time playing The Sims 3 recently that I only get 3 hours of sleep most of the time. I'm actually trying to lessen it now as I don't want to get so addicted because I don't want to be sleepy when I go to work. And when I'm sleepy, I fail my QA scores. Hahaha. Bad.

TL Toni's Surprise Birthday Party Photo Dump

For our Team Leader's 32nd birthday, we surprised her at our office with flowers, a gift and overflowing food! It's too bad the camera wasn't allowed inside at the earlier part of our party, we could've captured her initial reaction, it was just priceless! She was so happy and so surprised! Haha. And she told us she wasn't used to gifts. Anyway, we were really happy for her, she's one of the best bosses I had in my entire career. And since it was a rare occasion that a camera was allowed inside our production floor, we (or they, because I was doing calls on the good part of that shift. Boo!) took a lot of shots! Here are some of the photos:

Late Post: Food Trip at Yang Chow Restaurant

To wrap up my 4-day off from work, my mom decided that we eat out at this Chinese restaurant of sorts just along Aguinaldo Highway. You see, I'm quite proud of the progress of this town because different fast food chains and restaurants are beginning to sprawl (McDonald's, Yellow Cab, Tropical Hut and coffee shops like Bialetti, Healthy Grounds, etc.). One things I hate about our town: TRAFFIC, which will be discussed further with absolute hate on another post. Hehe.

Anyway, back to Yang Chow. My mom loved this place because of their Yang Chow rice. Actually, we ate here a couple of times already because it's the most accessible "restaurant" for us.

Pre-Halloween Adventure: Manila Ocean Park

Happy Halloween!

Talking about Halloween and the things that scare us, here are some facts about me: I do not like the vast ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds and all bodies of water. I am not a beach baby. I don't like it when I see sharks and gators or crocs. In short, I am afraid of the deep. Haha!

We had plans already of going to Manila Ocean Park in Manila just so we could do something new. We don't go out a lot and when we do, we just hit the malls to watch movies, shop, hang out and eat. It's a good thing it's open on holidays.