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I am officially 25 years of age as of today. Well, as they say age is nothing but a number (at least right now), so yeah I still feel the same. Hahaha.

Just so happened also that today is my rest day from work. Yey! I've no money yet since pay's still on the 14th. I have so much commitments lined up for the week. Foodtrip with a friend, date with the boyfriend (YES YES YES HAHA), drinking session with team mates and I'll try to squeeze in a drinking session with my two buddies.

But I just want to spend my day (today) in front of this laptop and catch up on my internet fix. Hahaha. It feels so sad to be away from the internet so long.

And since it is my birthday today, let me list down the things I am oh so thankful for:

1. The most supportive family. Seriously, my parents are the best. I made sudden career changes the past year and they learned to accept it. I've had 3 different jobs just the past one a half year, hahaha. So I'm just happy right now that things are right back on track. Not perfect but I'm not complaining.

2. The life long friends. Yes, I have a lot of friends in my life that I can truly depend on and vice versa. But there are this handful of people that never leave my side whatever shit happens in my life, whatever bad decisions, whatever highs I'm experiencing.  They knew me from the very start and I know they will still love me until our hair has gone gray.

3. A good job. This may not be the one that was expected, but I can proudly say that I am happy, I am earning and I am meetina a lot of people at the same time overcoming some personal issues of mine. :)

4. The people who stayed. I guess I never thanked those people that never quit on me. Those people that was there from day 1 since they got to know me. Most of them I haven't even met but they have become a constant thing/person in my life.