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Post birthday celebration at Bialetti Caffe

The boyfriend was sick 2 days in a row now but we decided  to go out today to eat (of course) and to watch a movie. We originally wanted to go to Bag of Beans but it was already late in the afternoon and no movie house was nearby the Tagaytay area, then I remembered Bialetti Caffe along Aguinaldo Highway and asked him of he wanted to give it a try, plus, we can go straight to SM to catch a movie.

Just a background, Bialetti Caffe is located at the Revilla Business Park in Cavite. Yes, it is owned by the Revillas and actually, just in front of the cafe there is a statue of former Senator Ramon Revilla, Sr. And at the back, there is the Memo-Revilla (clever name, yes), a museum that houses everything movie-related with Ramon Revilla, Sr.

We went there around 1:30 pm and found it perfect that there wasn't much crowd inside.

I like how the inside is super spacious but the same time it feels super cozy, there was light music also playing. And I also liked that you could completely see the outside (traffic and all). We were given the menu, the place being a cafe, we originally wanted to try the coffee and cheesecake but since we didn't have lunch yet, we opted for those rice meals they had.

They have a very wide variety in terms of their menu. They have salads and appetizers, sandwiches, pizza and pasta, breakfast meals, waffles and pancakes and meals served with rice (porkchop, kare-kare, the works). With the coffee selection, they have hot, iced expresso, frappezioso, smoothies, and sodas.

Here's what we had:

Korean Pork BBQ (with rice and iced tea) - PhP150

Lechon Kawali (with rice and iced tea) - PhP165

Nachos with Special dip - PhP160

We were actually very happy with the food! They have big servings so you actually get what you paid for. The Korean Pork BBQ was very tasty and succulent, while my order, Lechon Kawali is actually very yummy,  not in any way oily and the atsara compliments the Lechon's crunch and taste. And what can I say about the Nachos! It was a big pile of big tortilla chips topped with meat, tomatoes, onion, olive, cheese and jalapeno. I loved that it has that spicy effect, another variety to the Nachos I've tasted before. It was gastronomically good! We will definitely be coming back to taste the coffee and desserts! Another plus ais the courteous and jolly crew that assists you all the way.

So we left at around 3 pm and went to SM Bacoor to watch No Other Woman (hahaha). The story line is very obvious: married couple becomes in the rocks because of a very beautiful, sexy and alluring seductress.

For me, the movie was good but it kind of jumped from one point to another, it was fast-phased perhaps. I was wondering at what part Kara (Anne Curtis) actually fell in love with Ram (Derek Ramsey) because somehow, I cannot decipher what Ram did to make her fall in love that hard. Most of the quotable quotes were actually provided by Charmaine's (Cristine Reyes) mom (Carmi Martin). The scene I liked the most was that showdown by the pool when both of the women were in their bikinis, Charmaine trying to outwit Kara but failing terribly. Which made Ram storm out of their room and end things with Kara once and for all. Overall, 3.5 out of 5.

I'm very thankful for the day that was. And very thankful that I am now 25 and contented. This is the last day of my 4-day vacation, so tomorrow I'm back to work.

I can't wait for my next leave. Haha.