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The Newest People in my Life (and one old)

Today was such a fun, fun, fun day because I spent it with my team mates at work. We celebrated my and another team mate's birthday. I am currently on the 2nd day of my 4 day leave/rest days from work so I actually went to the venue from my house while they came from their shifts.

Here they are:

One thing about working in the BPO industry is you get to meet all types of people, really from all walks of life. Since I'm an introvert through and through, this is such an exciting phase in my life.


I'm already regularized at work. SO. DAMN. HAPPY.

Anyway, back to my little epiphany. I was really lucky to be put in a relatively easy account. Most of the time it's queuing but every call lasts about 2 minutes in average. I was also very lucky to be put on the number 1 team (at least that time) but we lost the crown the past two months because of unavoidable circumstances. Each member of our team is competitive in our own ways which make me strive even more. Most of all, everyone really knows have to have fun!

I know I am an engineering graduate and most of the people question me what I'm doing there. I made a choice to be happy in my life right now. No regrets!

So yeah, we went to Starbucks after our 10am drinking session (I had 3 bottles of Tanduay Ice, I think. I really love Tanduay Ice!) and had a blast with all the laughter and the stories! Hahaha! They definitely make working a lot more easier. 

Thank you very much, new people in my life. Thank you for the wonderful birthday celebration. Happy Birthday again, Hazel!

After this happy time, I met up with the boyfriend and we ate out again (WHY I AM FAT) at Pancake House. Food pictures!!!



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