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I am the Queen of Jinx

And just as I said everything on my last post, I went and jinxed it again. Oh well, I'm not gonna divulge on the details. But I was really sorry for what I've done.
But I was also thinking, what if this is what's meant to happen. Somehow, somewhere we wold snap at each other and call i…

Sehnsucht for September

I finally got my 3rd ink last September 18. Yey!

An updated photo of my tattoo:

Google for the meaning. Hehehe.

Hello, world!

I'm still alive and breathing. But things are not quite the same without my lover -- the mighty, mighty Internet. Hahaha. Things have been going great so far. Well, I got back with the boyfriend and erased the giddy memories of the past.
So far, still happy with my work though it is really, re…