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I hate you, Livejournal!

Ever since I started working in the BPO industry, I had this habit of waking up at 4 in the morning (except when I have work, of course). My body clock's been fucked up, I know.

So, yesterday was a productive day! Hehehe. I was meaning to do a "Pamper yourself Day" for the last month or so but I never had the time (aka I am too lazy to go out). But looking at my feet and hearing the cries of my nails for cleaning, I decided to get my butt going to the mall and get this over with.

I had 3 things to get done:

1. Get a facial anti-acne treatment
2. Get my eyebrows fixed
3. Get a pedicure

First stop: DermStrata. I'm always curious on what those buzzing machines they put on my face. I can't really see because my face's all covered with an inch of whatever cream that is. Either that or I'm always asleep.

I was able to do my eyebrow threading at David's Salon but threading takes like 10 minutes or so. Moving on...

Stop #3 Going Straight. There was no available manicurist @ David's that why I went next door, to this salon. They charge less too. But something about the atmosphere there that wasn't quite right. It felt like the employees were not happy. Hahaha.

Here is Ate cleaning my nails while listening to her co-worker's story. Hehe. It's been a while since I went to go get a pedicure so she was interrogating me on what happened to my nails (Am I always wearing rubbershoes, etc, etc). It hurt, too! I was beginning to think she was scraping the flesh off my feet! Haha. But she told me to always put lotion so my feet aren't so dry looking. LOL.

Ya know, I've always been late with these kinds of stuff. I never really paid attention 'til now. Feels like I'm always a year behind. Hahaha. But better late than never, right?

AND! It irks me to the greatest extent that Livejournal keeps on giving me an error everytime I click on something. So I said my goodbyes.