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Feeling kinda bad

I told myself before that I'm gonna waste an entire pay on Incubus' ticket just to feel le Brandon Boyd's spit on my face, be surrounded by rich kids with DSLRs for a necklace and maybe a bunch of fangirls that would forever shout, "I love you Brandon Boyd! Take me home with you!" But really, I want to be so close that I can feel the energy of the moment when they play I Miss You (I'll probably cry~ Haha!).

But as my schedule did not permit it, I cannot go tonight. What a bummer. I've had a reserve ticket (fortunately, I haven't paid yet) that I let go.

I saw them once, during the A Crow Left of the Murder tour. I was alone when I watched them and I really didn't mind. I skipped class that day and waited for 6 hours to see them like 1 kilometer away. Haha. I just miss that feeling. Doing something reckless, living in the moment, seeing those people that somehow, in someway have an effect in your life. DRMALULZ

Anyway, next week is the boyfriend's birthday. Planning on going to the spa with him. We badly need a full body massage. But I'm not quite sure yet. I've been meaning to take those Metro Deal vouchers so it can a little bit cheaper. Another thing is that I'll be going to a dinner buffet with my college friends in Intramuros! Will relive the college experience to the max!

Yay! I just can't wait.

I'll see you on your next tour, Mike, Brandon, Jose, Ben and Kilmore.

PS. I don't really like Light Grenades and If Not Now, When?