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    Majority of my friends call me Trish, I guess you could call me that too. I'm a transcriptions editor with a really messed up body clock and never ending affinity for films, food and written words. I like street art, sweets, neutrals and monochromes, sushi, window seats, golf carts and lazy weekends.

    Some of the things that completely preoccupy me are my fixation with the now defunct The Civil Wars and their beautiful art of sadness, Oh Sehun, sleeping, CSS and HTML, @iameden, and those damn hypnotizing Tasty videos. Top country in my travel bucketlist? Iceland. But the one that will always have my heart? Hong Kong.

    My favorite blog link-up is back after a brief hiatus! The last time I participated was November last year. I kept missing the prompts because I was swamped with work and I temporarily gave up on blogging. Coincidentally, last December, Trina of Of Trees and Hues went on a blogging break for personal reasons. But anyway, I'm just glad this inspiring link-up is up and running again. This post is actually late (again) but I figured this would be a perfect way to close my February.

    Nothing strikes the feeling of nostalgia more than seeing old photographs and keepsakes. This photo has always been one of my favorites, it was taken by my mom when I was around 7 years old. Roughly 20 years ago. I superimposed the photo to the exact location where it was taken. It would seem like not much is different. Our house still lined with foliage, maybe not as much as before, and maybe a different roof. 

    That's me in the middle looking like Dora's ancestor. On my left is my brother and my best friend is on my right. Twenty years is an awful lot of time. The little kids in that picture are nowhere near being children anymore. In fact, 2 of them have their own kids already. Photos like this always manage to make me laugh and reminisce at my childhood memories. It also makes me realize how much we've grown and how much, sometimes, I wish time would slow down. Nostalgia is always bittersweet.


    Between Lenses is a blog link-up initiated by Tara of Tara Victoria and Trina of Of Trees and Hues. According to Trina's blog, Between Lenses' goal is "to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers." If you wish to participate in this blog link-up, please click here.

    . Saturday, February 28, 2015 .

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    . Saturday, February 28, 2015 .

    My favorite blog link-up is back after a brief hiatus! The last time I participated was November last year. I kept missing the prompts because I was swamped with work and I temporarily gave up on blogging. Coincidentally, last December, Trina of Of Trees and Hues went on a blogging break for personal reasons. But anyway, I'm just glad this inspiring link-up is up and running again. This post is actually late (again) but I figured this would be a perfect way to close my February.

    Nothing strikes the feeling of nostalgia more than seeing old photographs and keepsakes. This photo has always been one of my favorites, it was taken by my mom when I was around 7 years old. Roughly 20 years ago. I superimposed the photo to the exact location where it was taken. It would seem like not much is different. Our house still lined with foliage, maybe not as much as before, and maybe a different roof. 

    That's me in the middle looking like Dora's ancestor. On my left is my brother and my best friend is on my right. Twenty years is an awful lot of time. The little kids in that picture are nowhere near being children anymore. In fact, 2 of them have their own kids already. Photos like this always manage to make me laugh and reminisce at my childhood memories. It also makes me realize how much we've grown and how much, sometimes, I wish time would slow down. Nostalgia is always bittersweet.


    Between Lenses is a blog link-up initiated by Tara of Tara Victoria and Trina of Of Trees and Hues. According to Trina's blog, Between Lenses' goal is "to capture & reflect upon life, to cultivate inspiration among one another and to connect with other bloggers." If you wish to participate in this blog link-up, please click here.

    . Thursday, February 26, 2015 .

    As tribute to my favorite aged coming-of-age film of the '90s, Reality Bites (that turned 21 this year), I dedicated 100 minutes of my life (again) last week to reacquaint myself with the pains of realizing that I was not somebody (or anybody, for that matter) by the age of 23 or riding my own melt or wishing, at some point, that I was lesbian or [insert more existentialist rants here].

    I am not a member of Generation X, which made the Winona Forever-starred film the defining movie of their time, but I loved the film nonetheless. I never really saw the movie until I was almost reaching my 20s and to be honest, I never understood some of the references but boy, did it resonate with me. I guess, at one point in our lives, we all kind of see ourselves in one of the characters. I would still watch it every once in a while, it's my go-to film whenever I want to watch something but I can't find anything that fits. And I would find myself dancing along to My Sharona each and every time. Sometimes, it would make feel like an old lady on the couch on a Saturday night, sometimes still thinking, "Oh. That's me." (This is also how I sort of feel like when I watched the first episode of Girls. Hannah Horvath = new generation Lelaina Pierce, am I right?) 

    I am now 28 years old, way past the dooms of the quarter life crisis (but still experiencing some crises along the way), not the directionless and confused character that Josh Radnor always seem to play on his films, and may, for the first time, have seen Reality Bites in a different light.

    1. Vickie has the best head on her shoulders in this film. (Lelaina, not so much.)

    Of course, we all want to make a difference in our lives, be the best at what we do, choose a better path and look back and be proud of ourselves, very much like Lelaina. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a job at Gap and decently climbing up the corporate ladder while you haven't found your big break. And how could anyone turn down a BMW from their parents? I know Lelaina's got principles but that rejecting a car as a gift was just crazy, IMO. I know you're anti-consumerism, Lelaina but what's so wrong with being practical? 

    2. We are not so prehistoric at 23.

    Five years ago, I'm sure I would've caught myself saying, "I feel so old." But at 23, it's okay to not have figured everything out yet. It's okay to stumble and trip and make some bad decisions. Anybody that has figured out their lives, please raise your hand. Uhm. Yep. I don't see anybody. It's a life-long journey, it's always been a work in progress. Don't pressure yourself too much. You have a whole life ahead of you. YOU ARE 23. YOU ARE NOT OLD.

    3. Troy Dyer is one cliche heap of shit.

    The first time I've watched the film, I swooned over the greasy-haired, philosophical groupie-loving Troy because he was just so good with words. I even listed him on Facebook as one of my inspirational people, I kid you not. But I realized that in a nutshell, he's a jobless womanizer, a too-cool-to-care poet that it's in a band (that I would assume never went anywhere) that's the biggest chicken shit when it comes to the real thing. I've had my fair share of experiences with guys with pieces of Troy Dyer in them. But the truth of the matter is an asshole will always be an asshole. And when I saw the film this time, I could not fathom how being a jerk to the person you have feelings for is the proper way of conveying your true intentions. Mind fuck much? There are individuals who are actually great writers, great members of bands, great friends and then there's the Troy Dyers of the universe: a great friend with whom you have an undeniable sexual tension, projecting that mysterious, wounded persona that gets him the girls (oddly enough, it works), gets him laid but don't get too attached because you're just another notch in his belt. (Okay. he's going through a rough patch since his dad's got the C. But it's not a life-long pass to be a jerk, ya know.)

    4. Michael Grates is the good guy and the better choice.

    And we all know nobody likes the good guy. That's why Lelaina didn't pick him. I know I would have done the same if I'm met with the choice of choosing between my own version of Michael and Troy. But in the grand scheme of things, he was the one with promise. He's definitely smoother on the edges unlike Troy but he has direction. And he's sweet and supportive and forgiving and the kind that makes you think of your health. Hahaha. I believe he deserved a chance even though he blew it with Lainie's documentary. That's such a measly thing compared to Troy's never ending negativity to her. But the next thing you know, she sleeps with Troy. Ugh. But just so you know, the men of the world don't fall in these two categories only, much like you're neither just a Lelaina or a Vickie. 

    5. Michael's "Have I stepped over some line in the sands of coolness with you? Because excuse me if somebody doesn't know the secret handshake with you." line.

    He could not have said it more perfectly. Like during the entire film, I've been thinking of a perfect intellectual line to tell Troy if I encounter him IRL myself. And all I could think of is, "What the hell is your problem with everyone, Troy?" which, as we all know, he would have a perfect comeback to. Because he's so intelligent, he's bursting with fruit flavor. But then again, no matter how perfect this line is, Troy's "There’s no secret handshake. There’s an IQ prerequisite, but there’s no secret handshake." will always be better.

    6. I wish there was more of Sammy.

    I think it's quite clear that Lelaina and Troy were the main protagonists of the film but I wish a bit more of Sammy -- because he had a real struggle in this film. He's the closeted gay friend who's trying to come out to his parents. Towards the latter end of the film, he actually did come out to his mom and he's stuck outside their house, with this intense longing just to be 'let back in' the house again. This and tackling another socially relevant issue like AIDS.

    7. As much as we don't want to "sell out," we will.

    As Michael said, "And I wish I could be perfect, OK? I wish I could be like Troy... riding on his melted cheese sandwich and everything. I wish I could live off of creeds and mottoes and all that shit, all right? But I'm in the real world here, OK?" We all wish we could have our documentaries that we painstakingly worked hard for be picked up by some giant television station and not be stripped off of everything we want it to be, we all wish we could get by straight out of college just by being in a grunge band and our poetic words as currency, while riding off to the sunset with a once-asshole-but-I-changed-him for a boyfriend. But the reality of Reality Bites is that this isn't how it happens. Our documentaries will be cut into bits and pieces to appeal to the masses, our passion for something creative would be have to be put on the sideline because we need to take 9-5 jobs from some big company, and jerks will always be jerks because momentary epiphanies will never change them -- nobody could change them. And they most certainly will never afford rent for a house just with their lousy band and attitude.

    8. I will always love this movie.

    No matter how my views have changed about this film, it will always be a favorite. I would never rock a pixie hair cut or vintage dresses and party on rooftops but it doesn't change that Reality Bites will always be in my classics. I still see myself putting it on the TV when I have nothing else to watch. I love how it portrays the true friendship between Vickie and Lelaina. It will still be a staple when I'm on a '90's movies marathon or favorite Ethan Hawke films marathon. I still see myself quoting Troy (and hating him at the same time) and making references to the movie in the future (and because he defined irony without even blinking). The "You and me and five bucks." and U2 scene will always make my heart flutter with sadness. I will always love that look on Ethan Hawke's face when he was at Lelaina's lawn (but not the 'huge planet of regret sitting on my shoulders' part.) I still love it because it's nostalgic, because it's like that relationship I had back then, I was in love then I hated it, but overall, I learned something from it -- and that's how I knew that I've grown up.

    (All images found in Google.)
    . Saturday, February 21, 2015 .

    A stressful and energy-draining day at work usually makes me crave for something crunchy or meaty to munch on. And it being a Saturday, I wanted to finish the work week with what I've been craving for a while now: chops. Grilled, tender, flavorful and juicy chops.

    I suggested to my friends we try out this new joint in Kapitolyo, Tomahawk Chops & Grill, that serves, yes, you guessed it: chops. There's been quite a buzz around Tomahawk on social media, and from the looks of it, that inch-thick meat deserves to be tried out. Kapitolyo just never ceases to amaze me. There's always something new (and affordable) to try out! If you want something Mexican, Thai, Spanish, Filipino or Greek, you can have it there! Ramen or sushi perhaps, or all-day breakfast? Kapitolyo's got it. So be sure to be always on the look out! I know we are.

    Tomahawk endorsers Terrence and Joysi. Hahaha.

    Like most hole-in-the wall restaurants in the area, Tomahawk was small... or so we thought. They actually have a second floor that can accommodate, I think, 20 people more. The first floor was like a narrow hall, glad they put the chairs on tables in a single file on one side of the space, it didn't look congested and cluttered. The interiors remind one of a Southern American restaurant, complete with the red brick walls and wooden furniture.

    A little trivia! Tomahawk is actually a kind of cut that is from the rib section. The thickness of the meat is based on the thickness of the bone to where it is attached, usually an inch or two. The rib is kept intact and frenched (meat and fat is trimmed). The resulting piece looks similar to a tomahawk axe, hence, it is given that name.

    The tomahawk chops may be ordered in two ways: grilled or fried (both PhP 295). We all ordered the grilled chops except for Terrence who chose the latter. The porkloin chops are served with "clean" rice, seasonal veggies and an extra side (you can choose from nine different sides). We also had buffalo wings (PhP 180) which had the perfect season of their cayenne pepper sauce. Crispy and flavorsome, with the right spice to it. Two thumbs up from me!

    You maybe curious why the rice was called that. Well, when you have clean (aka plain) rice, you also have the "dirty" rice. The dirty rice reminded me of RUB Ribs & BBQ's sprice, like it's seasoned with different herbs and spices. It was a nice pair to the meat, that's savory and a bit spicy. As for their signature dish, it didn't disappoint. The chops were thick but still juicy, it was grilled to the right tenderness. The sauce it was smothered with was a combination of smoky, sweet and spicy, like a barbecue sauce. Though I was thinking if not for the sauce, would the chops be as flavorful? I'll order the grilled chops separate from the sauce next time to find out.

    Tomahawk's gaining hype because it didn't take long before customers began flooding the restaurant. There aren't much places (as far as I know) that serves affordable tomahawks, this new joint is creating curiosity for people. I do hope all the desserts will be available next time. Try the place yourself and satisfy your meaty cravings!


    Click to add a blog post for Tomahawk Chops & Grill on Zomato
    Tomahawk Chops and Grill is located at 56-A East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
    Contact No.: (02) 246-9069 extension 277 / 0915 513 5908 / 0921 576 4909
    Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    Official Facebook Page
    @tomahawkchopsandgrill on Instagram
    @tomahawkcag on Twitter

    . Wednesday, February 18, 2015 .

    I saw a handful of Marion Fayolle's works in Juxtapoz's Facebook page that instantly captured my attention. Juxtapoz is a monthly magazine that promotes contemporary artists and innovative art.

    The illustration on the left is part of Marion Fayolle's first book titled In Pieces. This alone made me curious about her works.

    I was completely drawn to this visual poetry, that words or detailed facial expressions were not needed to explain or convey the message. At some point, all I could mutter while going through her works was, "So right on point." The wordlessness is very enchanting, especially for someone like me who expresses better with words. The drawings have this whimsical way of connecting the reality of human relationships with the quite absurd and funny comic sketches.

    And as perfectly told by Brain Pickings:

    "Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes light, and sometimes deeply philosophical, Fayolle’s beautiful wordless narratives are anything but silent, speaking of love and loss, passion and betrayal, longing and lust. They are fragmentary yet meaningful, much like the brain fuses together disjointed pieces of the world into a cohesive image, an impression, a story. There are no panels, no speech bubbles, no backgrounds — just tenderly illustrated, meticulously textured, neatly arranged figures who explore the microcosm of human relations through subtle yet expressive body language that whispers to the back of the mind."

    Fayolle also has light-hearted and humorous but provocative and sexually bizarre illustrations included in In Pieces. It usually involves body parts replaced with something that, you could say, is innocent. I found myself chuckling at some of the illustrations. One thing is for sure, Fayolle's art is never boring. Read (and see) more of those erotic drawings in these articles by Lost at E Minor, Acclaim Mag and Beautiful Decay

    Marion Fayolle is a talented French illustrator, born in 1988 and graduated in 2011 with a degree in illustration from l’Ecole des Arts D√©coratifs in Strasbourg, France. She’s one of the co-founders of the acclaimed French illustration magazine “Nyctalope.” She's also been published by large media such as the New York Times.

    Additional Reading:
    In Pieces in Heavy Feather Review
    In Pieces in Brain Pickings

    (All images property of Marion Fayolle.)
    . Monday, February 16, 2015 .

    Anyone up for a colorful cultural event? Check out Holi Festival! This was brought to my attention by Ian a couple of days ago and thought of sharing this to everyone!

    The biggest festival of colors from India is back in Manila in its 3rd year! Asia Society Philippines, together with the Embassy of India, Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce, Sing India, Indian Ladies Club and Bharati present Holi Festival 2015 on March 1, 2015 at SM by the Bay.

    Holi is celebrated in the Indian month of Phalgun (March). Originally an agricultural festival, it ushers in the arrival of spring, the season of hope and joy. People imitate the colors of spring by throwing colored powder at each other and up in the air. The throwing of gulal up in the air and at each other symbolizes friendship, unity, and a sense of revelry.

    Holi goers in Manila can look forward to a lively show featuring Indian folk and Bollywood dances and live drummers and DJ from 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM. The gates will open at 2:00 PM, and early comers can peruse the booths selling Indian cuisine and merchandise or get henna tattoos.

    Both kids and adults can try out Rangoli making, a folk art in which patterns are created on the floor using colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. Young kids can learn yoga through the creative storytelling session by the teachers of Kids Yoga Philippines (by Urban Ashram Manila).

    There are various legends behind the celebration of Holi. When Lord Krishna was young, he often complained to his mother, Yashoda, why he was dark and his beloved, Radha, was fair. Yashoda suggested that Krishna smear color on Radha, so she would look like him. Krishna heeded his mother’s advice, and thus introduced the festival of colors.

    During Holi, there is no distinction between age, race or class. Anyone and everyone is fair game; friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman, children and elders, celebrate by coming out in the streets and open grounds. A common saying heard during Holi is “Bura na Mano, Holi hai!” (Don’t feel offended, it’s Holi!)

    Tickets are now available at a pre-selling price of PhP 150 and can be bought on site for PhP 200. Tickets include entrance and colored powder.

    Contact Details:
    For tickets, volunteer opportunities and other inquiries, please call (02) 550-2612, (02) 810-8983 or email info@asiasociety.org.ph.

    See you there! :)

    . Saturday, February 14, 2015 .

    More on my Instagram account, @helloquiet.

    Second travel for the year was to Bohol during the first week of February with two of my friends from work, Charm and Farn! Why Bohol? Personally, it was the Chocolate Hills. I know Bohol is more than just that but after the earthquake that destroyed some parts of it, you know, I just had to see it. It's a crime not to. Not when you have the opportunity and means to travel and you've never even seen it at one point in your life.

    And because it was just an over the weekend trip (peak season at work prevents us from filing long vacations), we just purchased this tour package last year from Farn's friends that was originally a Palawan travel package, but since they were not pushing thru, we bought it from them and had the tour changed to Bohol.

    Since we wanted something laid back so we could recharge for the upcoming busy week (and we had Farn's kid with us), we opted for a standard day trip to the tour spots of Bohol.

    I'm sharing here my feeble attempt (hahaha) of making a simple travel guide for a 3 days, 2 nights stay at Bohol and some bits of information regarding our trip.

    How to get there:
    Included in our travel package (we paid around PhP 6,000 each) were round trip plane tickets, accommodation (with free breakfast), the tour itself, of course, and the fees needed, and the transportation to get around. We were booked with Air Asia (I'm not sure how much the tickets cost), and the travel time was around 1 hour and 10 minutes. We met at Panglao with 2 of our other friends, Jom and Terrence, who took a plane to Cebu and rode a ferry to Tagbilaran City. So that's another option.

    Where we stayed:
    Muro-Ami Seaside Inn and Restaurant. It's located at the more relaxed area of Panglao. If we were in Boracay, this would be in Station 3. Pros: With working heater, located by the beach, quiet, friendly people and the food is good. Cons: Water kept getting shut off without even telling us, which, of course, is such an inconvenience. I think they weren't able to establish with the agency that booked us that our stay included free breakfast, so when we were about to order breakfast, they had to confirm it first with the travel agency. It's good enough. You get exactly what you paid for.

    There are a slew of cheap hostels in Panglao like Muro-Ami which, I think, costs around PhP 1,000 - PhP 3,000 per night, but if you want something of a five-star flavor, there's also The Bellevue. On the side of Alona Beach, there's tons of hotels and hostels, too. There's something that caters whatever budget you have.

    What to see / Where to go:
    • Chocolate Hills. This was first in our itinerary because, I think, this was the farthest. It was nice to see this landmark finally in all its green beauty. There's also this ~200-step staircase that you can climb to reach the view deck for a fantastic view of the hills. Really breathtaking. 
    • Simply Butterflies Conservation Center. The place was small and the tour was short but it was very entertaining. Our tour guide, JB, was chock-full of trivia and jokes and was downright hilarious. Everyone from there was really jolly and fun to talk to. They have a souvenir shop there, and don't forget to try their ice cream.
    • ShipHaus in Batuan. It's a house that's built simulating a shipping vessel (both inside and out!) that's a new tourist destination and landmark in Poblacion Norte, Batuan. I've read on some other blogs that it was supposed to be a residential house but since it's appearance began drawing in tourists, they made it open for the public. Entrance fee is PhP 20.
    • Tarsier Conservation Area. Finally saw these little furry cuties in the flesh. Didn't enjoy the trip so much though as it was raining when we got there. 
    • Bilar Man-Made Forest. While on the road going to Chocolate Hills from Loboc, I noticed a sudden gloom in the surroundings. Looking up, we were suddenly surrounded by tall trees that I found out to be mahogany. This is one of my favorite spots in Bohol. It was really magical. Our driver told us it we were passing by a man-made forest. It was quite hard to believe that something looked to picturesque was not by nature.
    • Loboc River Cruise. We had our buffet lunch at a floating restaurant that would travel the course of a part of the Loboc River. The food was okay, the view was fine, too, (I guess the river and the villages surrounding it got affected by the earthquake) but what I liked the most was when our boat made a stop at a jetty and the locals gave a cultural performance for the guests. Everyone was just clapping their hands and some of the foreigners danced along! There's a singer on board as well that entertained everyone while eating. Rate is PhP 450. Kids 12 years and below are for free.
    • Baclayon Church. There were a lot of churches greatly affected by the earthquake last 2013. Some of them are, as of the moment, being rehabilitated and some just left the way it is. We just made a quick stop here at Baclayon Church before going to our next destination.
    • Alona Beach. If you're not staying somewhere along Alona Beach, make a quick trip there. We met up with Terrence and Jom there since that's where they stayed, had a quick dip and had dinner and drinks by the beach! Jasz Bar and Restaurant's Farmer's Pizza was just so delish!
    • Bohol Bee Farm. This is not part of our tour package. We requested our driver to pick us up early so we could have lunch here before our flight back to Manila (and we paid an additional PhP 500). You should definitely not miss going to this place. I think this was the highlight of the entire trip. The food was terrific, the restaurant had a nice atmosphere, and don't get me started on the view! It was a place of great organic food and solace. Must try is their malunggay ice cream! I would love to come back here again. *hearts*
    What to buy for pasalubong:
    • The usual local delicacies: peanut kisses and peanut fingers. They also sell mango and cashew butterscotch. Also, kalamay. Just a reminder though, those kalamay in hollowed coconuts need to be checked-in. 
    • Everything in Bohol Bee Farm's souvenir shop. I highly recommend all their spreads: honey, mango, pesto and malunggay flavors; their organic honey; their salad; their ube. If Bohol Bee Farm is part of your itinerary, might as well do pasalubong shopping there.

    (I recommend our driver there during our trip, Kuya Theo. He was really accommodating and pleasant with all of our requests and questions. You can contact him (09197140682) regarding rates of packages and other tour options!)

    . Thursday, February 12, 2015 .

    Late last month, Ian asked me to join him visit this new cafe along Taft. From the name of the place, of course, I assumed it would have a travel theme to it -- luggage, backpacks, globes, geographical pieces, maps, the works, you know? But I was a bit surprised when we got there that it was a Korean cafe. Are Korean cafes booming right now? Don't take it the wrong way, I'm not complaining. Haha. It was just a bit unexpected.

    I was asking because there's Subspace in Ortigas, Cafe Noriter, (both I've already visited before) and then Cafe de Seoul (opened last March 2013) which are located in Taft Avenue, and Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes. Cafe Travel basically has the same concept as Cafe Noriter, Subspace has an edgier interior design, and Cafe de Seoul has a more minimalist approach.

    Anyway, of course, we arrived again early but they were nice enough to let us in 5 minutes before their supposed opening time. We placed our order for drinks and dessert before looking for a spot to settle.

    If you've been to Cafe Noriter, then you already have an idea what to anticipate here. (If you look at Cafe Travel's About on their Facebook page, it actually says there "Cafe.Travel is the new international trademark of Cafe Noriter!" so I suppose they're sister companies of sorts?) I guess since it's newly opened, the place looks bright and capacious. I really like the privacy that this type of set-up provides! Each nook and deck have designated tables and pillows that you can use as a cushion to seat on or for your back (in place of chairs). And don't forget to remove your footwear before going inside the cubicles or climbing the stairs.

    Evident also are the colorful sticky notes posted basically anywhere and everywhere in the cafe. These notepapers are available for everyone's use: for professions of love, doodles and art, broadcasting your phone number, quotes to live by, announcements -- yep, anything. Most of the ones we've seen says something like "[Insert name] was here." or "[Insert name] loves [insert name]." Ah. To be young and in love. Hahaha!

    We picked the leftmost corner because it's bigger than most cubicles and also, natural light!

    We sampled their Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate Cakes and their Caramel Frapuccino and Latte (okay, totally not sure with the names of the drinks, I forgot. I'll do some digging and get back to this). Some might think it's a little pricey but, I think, given that you can spend a while here, just lounging around with friends or studying for exams, it's gonna be worth the cash you shell out.

    So if you're around the area, make sure to drop by, if not, I highly recommend adding Cafe Travel to your must-visit cafes list. Hope they have their Wi-Fi up and running when we come back!


    Click to add a blog post for Cafe Travel on Zomato
    Cafe Travel is located at Archer’s Nook Dormitory - 2464 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
    Contact No.: 0915-991-8416
    Official Facebook Page
    . Monday, February 09, 2015 .

    I've recently just discovered Spotify (boo me) and I absolutely adore it. I've stuck with 8tracks for the longest time now, just randomly listening to playlists by other people and making my own there, too, but Spotify's just super convenient and there's just so much variety. I've been listening to this certain playlist for a week now that's got 300 songs in it. What's even better is that all my current favorite artists are there and I get to discover more songs and artists as well. But for now, I'm still sticking with 8tracks in making mixes here for my blog. The aesthetic's just so much better.

    Here are a couple of songs from that Spotify playlist I mentioned. I know it's tipping on the sad end of the scale but I really find these types of songs relaxing. Also, it's Valentine's week! Consider this my anti-hearts' day mix. Haha. Enjoy!

    1 // Sia - Breathe Me
    2 // flatsound - Don't Call Me At All
    3 // Noah Gundersen - First Defeat 
    4 // City And Colour - Little Hell
    5 // William Fitzsimmons - You Broke My Heart
    6 //  Joshua Radin - Closer
    7 // Helios - Soft Collared Neck 
    8 // Margot & The Nuclear So and So's - I Don't 
    9 // Wet - Don't Want To Be Your Girl 
    10 // The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine

    P.S. Can you recommend some Spotify playlists that you listen to or even the ones you made? :)

    . Sunday, February 08, 2015 .

    Looking for something to do, perhaps retreat to nature for a little werisfesteria and great music? You might want to check out the Incantatus Festival 2015!

    "A mystical jungle amidst the ocean and mountains awaits those who are worthy to marvel at its beauty."

    Incantatus is an intimate festival set in the hearts of INCANTADIA; a mystical jungle amidst the vast ocean and luscious mountains. We aim to promote self-discovery, environmental awareness, and amazing escape from the chaotic life in the city.

    Enjoy a transcendental state as Incantatus help you open portals for emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental healing through music, meditation sessions, yoga,dancing , and many more.

    Dance to the beat of the drums and percussion led by Adinkra Lumads Djembe Community. Get fascinated by fire as Planet Zips dance and play it by fire. And enjoy a series of relaxing meditation sessions from some if the best instructors in the Philippines.

    We will have DJs from Germany, Italy, Manila, and London to give you best techno, house, trance, and psychedelic music! There will be performances by our amazing local artists.

    Free yoga classes, meditation sessions and many more to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy.

    Festival dates: February 21-22, 2014.

    Regular Tickets: PhP 2,500 (until February 16, 2015)
    - Bus, Boat, Entrance and Camping Fees, Yoga and more workshops.

    For more information, visit VULAN Festival and Incantatus Festival's Facebook pages.

    . Friday, February 06, 2015 .

    One. MONO by Erin Emocling. When Erin posted on Facebook that she published a photo zine of a her black and white photos in 35mm, I eagerly signed up for a copy. She has some very interesting shots which you can check out in MONO's Facebook page. You can also go to her website for more of her black and white photography.

    Two. My G-Shock watch with a paracord strap from GalingkayEloi. I've known about paracords (parachute cord) from Muffet as she was looking for sturdy and durable keyrings and she found galingkayeloi's Instagram account. Paracord is also referred to as the survival bracelet. Read about it here!

    Three. Moonleaf's 2015 planner. Finally! Been scouting the Makati area for this planner for the past weeks. And I know it's already February but still, it's not too late to have an organizer. Planners help me organize my thoughts, so mental notes are not forgotten. It's simple, sleek and spacious. Even comes with stickers and milk tea discount coupons. All for the price of PhP 350. You definitely get the bang for your buck!

    (more on instagram)

    . Wednesday, February 04, 2015 .

    With both blog link-ups I'm participating in currently in hiatus (see my side bar), I've been looking for a while now for new blog prompts and link-ups to follow and join. I discovered Camie Juan's Getting To Know You & Me post and decided to join (something to break the monotony of constant food posts hahaha). It's not a regular thing yet on her blog but I do hope she does make it something recurring. :)

    Camie came up with 5 questions that both she and anyone who would like to participate need to answer. You can either comment on her blog entry or make a separate post about it on your blog just like what I did here!

    Here are my answers:

    1. Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Please share why you picked your time of day?
    Twilight, sunset and night. I've learned to fully appreciate nighttime now that I'm working nights/on the graveyard shift for the past 3 years, perhaps? There's just something mesmerizing about that moment just before the sunset, during sunset and when the sky is finally enveloped in black and draped with stars: time seems to slow down, it feels calmer and cooler, and the skylines are prettier. Best of all, on most days, less traffic!

    2. What is one goal you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?
    Get a degree in Multimedia Arts. I'm, right now, not looking forward to the very distant future, just on the realms of time that's within my grasp. And that's what I would like to get accomplished.

    3. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
    Definitely John Lennon. He's at the top of the list. He was already long gone when I began appreciating good music so I would love to have an opportunity to meet him. There's so much out there to read about him, both bad and good, but I thought someone who could write a beautiful song like Woman (among other things) is a great man. But I would also very much like to meet and speak to Andy Warhol, Charles Bukowski, the Bronte sisters and Pablo Neruda.

    4. You’ve discovered a time machine. Where and when would you travel to?
    Back to any concert of The Civil Wars. Honestly, I'm still not over that the duo's broken up. I just want to see them perform live... even just once.

    5. If your life had a slogan, what would it say?
    "Don't just exist. Live."