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    Majority of my friends call me Trish, I guess you could call me that too. I'm a transcriptions editor with a really messed up body clock and never ending affinity for films, food and written words. I like street art, sweets, neutrals and monochromes, sushi, window seats, golf carts and lazy weekends.

    Some of the things that completely preoccupy me are my fixation with the now defunct The Civil Wars and their beautiful art of sadness, Oh Sehun, sleeping, CSS and HTML, @iameden, and those damn hypnotizing Tasty videos. Top country in my travel bucketlist? Iceland. But the one that will always have my heart? Hong Kong.

    I have grown fond over the years of taking a snapshot of my feet whenever I'm in new places or just when I think the ground is pretty. I don't know why but I prefer it way, way more than taking selfies. I discovered recently that there's actually a hashtag for this in Instagram called #fromwhereistand which featured some very creative photos of people's feet and their locations. I decided to call my sort of From Where I Stand gallery The Ground Beneath You (which are actually words from a song). I'm not really a traveler but when I do get the chance, I never forget to take photos of my feet (or take a selfeet as some of my friends call it.)

    Here's my #thegroundbeneathyou roundup for the month of June:

    . Monday, June 30, 2014 .

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    . Monday, June 30, 2014 .

    I have grown fond over the years of taking a snapshot of my feet whenever I'm in new places or just when I think the ground is pretty. I don't know why but I prefer it way, way more than taking selfies. I discovered recently that there's actually a hashtag for this in Instagram called #fromwhereistand which featured some very creative photos of people's feet and their locations. I decided to call my sort of From Where I Stand gallery The Ground Beneath You (which are actually words from a song). I'm not really a traveler but when I do get the chance, I never forget to take photos of my feet (or take a selfeet as some of my friends call it.)

    Here's my #thegroundbeneathyou roundup for the month of June:

    . Sunday, June 29, 2014 .

    I haven't done SoulPancake Sunday for a while so I thought of looking for a prompt from their website's Conversations.

    For this week, the question is: What is your favorite poem?

    Original image from here.
    Most days, my answer would be probably something from Pablo Neruda but this one from Jack Gilbert is my favorite as of the moment. :)

    Maybe Very Happy
    Jack Gilbert, Refusing Heaven

    After she died he was seized
    by a great curiosity about what
    it was like for her. Not that he
    doubted how much she loved him.
    But he knew there must have been
    some things she had not liked.
    So he went to her closest friend
    and asked what she complained of.
    "It's all right," he had to keep
    saying, "I really won't mind."
    Until the friend finally gave in.
    "She said sometimes you made a noise
    drinking your tea if it was very hot."

    There's just something so sad and so pure about this poem.

    Can you share yours? :)

    . Thursday, June 26, 2014 .

    Give me one good reason, baby, why I'd leave?
    Why I'd leave you here?
    Until then I will float in silence gingerly
    Consuming energy

    1 // Massive Attack - Angel
    2 // Radiohead - Nude
    3 // Mutemath - You Are Mine
    4 // Portishead - Roads
    5 // Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
    6 // Placebo - Post Blue
    7 // Garbage - #1 Crush
    8 // Air - Playground Love
    9 // Incubus - Here In My Room
    10 // Deftones - MX
    11 // Mellowdrone - Orange Marmalade

    (Original image of mix cover from here.)

    . Tuesday, June 24, 2014 .

    Original recipe and list of ingredients can be found here. And since most of the ingredients listed were not readily available, I had to substitute majority of them. Hahaha.

    English muffin = wheat bread that I trimmed to become round (haha)
    olive oil = salted butter
    mozarella cheese = cheddar cheese
    oregano = I had none so I just used the 5-spices powder


    1. Make hard boiled eggs. (I used to suck at boiling eggs haha because I always end up having the yolk still runny. Until I finally got it right! ~11 minutes was the perfect duration for me for boiling eggs!)

    2. Toast the bread. (I used a regular oven toaster. I kept adjusting the time until I got the brown on the edges of the wheat bread.)

    3. Spread a bit of butter (or drizzle olive oil instead if you prefer). Layer tomato slices (I had two slices per bread since I used medium-sized tomatoes), hard boiled eggs (2 per bread also) and grate some cheese on top. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (or any other spices you have on hand).

    4. Put it back in the oven and toast until the cheese melts.

    Easy, right? Enjoy! :)

    . Friday, June 20, 2014 .

    Being an Alice in Wonderland aficionado, I've seen the Lewis Carroll characters be interpreted in different kinds of mediums: illustrations, animations, films, plush toys, paintings, etc. But this is the first time I came across an Alice in Wonderland piece in plasticine. Plasticine is actually a brand of modelling clay which is putty-like (A generic term for plastic but with a similar texture to dough. Thank you, Wiki!)

    This somehow reminds me of some of the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought of the Mayor when I saw the Mad Hatter in this one. And ever since I saw the Alice in Wonderland (1951) movie, I always had this terrified feeling about the film but still I really loved it, and I think this was a good depiction of the expressions of the characters and the characters themselves, and the colors are fantastic! (There was something quite malicious with the Cheshire Cat's grin, something scary about the Caterpillar, and I have always been bothered by the story of The Walrus and The Carpenter.)

    Before I babble too much about Alice in Wonderland, let me mention that this amazing plasticine sculpture was made by Gianluca Maruotti. He is a freelance illustrator, puppet maker and stop motion animator/director based in Rome, Italy. He also makes animated videos for cinema, TV and musicians, as well as editorial illustrations and picture books, mainly using plasticine. (via)

    To know more about Gianluca Maruotti, you can visit the following links:

    (All images are property of Gianluca Maruotti.)

    . Wednesday, June 18, 2014 .

    The past week was really swell! I got to have a 5 and a half-day weekend (started on Wednesday; had to render half day last Friday though) which is super rare. And I've been looking forward to it for quite some time because... beach. I know I'm not really a beach person but the thought of travelling somewhere remote was something I've been craving for a while now.

    So here's what's happened:

    Last Wednesday, we went to this spa/wellness village somewhere in Tagaytay and it was just crazy beautiful there. It was also sort of an advanced Fathers' Day celebration since I was out for the weekend. The place was huge and breath taking and serene and perfect.

    I spent an entire hour, I think, just jumping on the trampoline until I was out of breath. Haha. It was so much fun, though my mom was constantly hovering because, you know, I can't get too tired. I remember getting giddy while I was soaked in suds in the bath tub. There were not much people around so I was roaming around the entire day, dipping my feet in the pool, taking photos and admiring everything that was surrounding me. I'll probably make a separate post about it so that the 100 photos I took of the place would be put to a good use. Hehehe.

    CALATAGAN was a blast! Though everything that was planned didn't happen, I still loved every minute of it. Muffet actually originally challenged me to ditch my phone while we're on the trip (except when taking photos of course) and strike up a conversation with at least one person in our supposed group. I have to admit I was scared out of my wits to do that because I could just imagine how much of a failure my attempts at talking to a complete stranger would be (HAHAHA), and fortunately for me, the people we're expecting to show up didn't so it was more like a girl bonding experience for us three (but whew, that was close).

    We met some new people, got reacquainted with some that I've met before, shared stories about break-ups, shared more stories with other people, ate great food, painted and spent much time by the ocean! On our last day, we went to Pagaspas Bay and I snorkeled. Hahaha. *pats my self at the back again* I still had a hard time letting go being attached to the boat because I was afraid to drift away (haha my swimming skills are for pools only) but I freaking snorkeled in the center of the center of the center of the marine biodiversity of the world so I'm still proud of myself.

    To cap off our weekend, we hung out at Burn and Dino's house, talked more about break-ups, had a round of alcohol, laughed the night away, ate mediocre cupcakes ☹, watched movies, ate turbo chicken (the best one I've had so far, courtesy of Muffet) and watched more movies, and missed Ian because he was somewhere in Cebu.

    And also, I am officially a ~*~food blogger~*~ according to this article. Hahaha.

    Yep, life is good. :)

    (more on instagram)

    . Saturday, June 14, 2014 .

    (Just a heads up: This is a slightly cheesy, gooey post.)

    The thing is, this feels like the first rain after the most agonizing summer. If you think about it, I should have been used to the feverish temperatures because we all grew up to this. A few months of scorching heat that I've always had a love-hate relationship with. But something has changed. The summertime that just passed was unusually different from the rest. But everything's okay now. Everything's washed away, everything feels fresh.

    I never quite figured out how to go about this because I was used to things being always tricky, chaotic and filled with mindfuckery. I must have been out of my mind to think that great happiness can only be felt after great pain. It was the only thing I've ever known. I thought it should always consume your soul and make you feel like you're always out of breath. I thought there should always be mud stains and scrapes on your knees and bruises that are still blue, and adrenaline rushes that turns a part of yourself dead, but somehow, it still left you wanting more. Exhilarating but leaves you empty.

    But this.
    This is unexpected.

    I saw your face and thought of what I might need to go through again. Because for the past several years, there was always a catch. Always. It never misses. It might have something to do with my choices, as a friend once said. (But I have been trying so hard not to wander down the same path.) So I wondered, "What's the catch this time?"

    But love, you are without a catch. Bless the heavens because I never thought that was even possible. Sure, you have this odd (sometimes irritating) way of spelling words when you send me text messages but it's fine. It's something I can live with. You are that Sunday morning that I dreamt about before constantly. Warm early morning sunlight through window panes with the lightest music playing. You snore, I giggle. You are the funny, comforting feeling when I see a dress in my favorite color, or when a film somehow took words out of my mouth (or my mind). You are the story I will never get tired of telling everyone. You are the last bite of my favorite chocolate bar. You are those moments when I just want to lay still on the living room floor and stare at the ceiling. You are the uncomplicated truth. You are the gust of air that I exhaled as I slowly descend underwater. That calm moment when I realize I am not drowning. You are when I let my hair down after a tiring day. You are those weekends when I want nothing but to wear a big shirt and stay under the sheets.

    All the blues and sleepless nights and crazy eights and push and pulls seem so distant now. Thank you for not asking me to lose myself, even just a little.

    I'll see you soon.

    . Wednesday, June 11, 2014 .


    1. Wee! My sort of movie review for Happymorethankyouplease was recently featured in 20 Something Bloggers' Weekly Community Round Up!

    2. Have you heard of One Hello World? This is my favorite so far:

    "We don’t have to do anything extraordinary. We don’t have to talk about anything important. We don’t have to make any hard decisions or hurt any feelings or say anything significant at all. We just have to be together."

    3. How about A Softer World?

    4. Here's an interesting read: 15 Ways We Can Put An End To The Dishonest Dating Culture We’ve Created. I could certainly use some of these words of advice because I haven't really dated, and I may have been a 'complicated relationship' junkie before. But, yes, I'm trying to change that.

    5. I'm not big on reading fashion blogs but this particular post by Joanna Ladrido just made so much sense to me.
    "You owe it to yourself to use and own the uncomfortable period of in-between and play around the lingering space that the world so harshly calls "loneliness" and you will find how that is the exact opposite of what it is."
    I mean, really, why are people in such a hurry?

    . Monday, June 09, 2014 .

    For the past month, I developed this habit of cooking preparing easy-to-make breakfast meals at home. I don't really get to eat decent breakfast on weekdays because of my different working schedule.

    Saturdays are spent sleeping which somehow corrects my body clock during weekends and I end up waking super early during Mondays. So I thought of whipping up a different kind of breakfast for me and my folks!

    These are just very simple breakfast recipes I found online that I wanted to share with everyone who comes across my blog. And when I say simple, you can bet your life on it that it's no fuss and a piece of cake. :)

    Found this recipe in the website Food52 and decided to give it a try since it's really easy and the ingredients are readily found at home.

    Here's the original recipe from Food52 though I made some modifications on my own:

    Since I do not have a biscuit cutter or any kind of mold, I used the suggested alternative: a shot glass. I also cut the circle in the middle of the bread before toasting it because I was afraid that I may not achieve a perfect circle when the bread's already toasty and crumbly.

    Before cracking the eggs on the holes, I added some shredded cheese for an extra oomph in flavor. I also found a 5-spices powder floating around our kitchen so I sprinkled a dash of it on top of the sandwiches.

    Serve with your favorite fruit, and a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, if you prefer.

    I also read here that is one of the best Sunday morning meals for hangovers. Hahaha. This recipe is too easy, you can make it while you're still drunk!

    Enjoy! :)

    . Thursday, June 05, 2014 .

    This prompt was originally for the start of the year 2014, with the following questions: "What are the new things that you waited until the New Year to begin? What are the old things you are swapping for the new?" But then I figured you don't really need a new year to have a fresh start or to begin a venture to the unknown. You have every day as a chance to do that.

    It's the first Thursday of June, I can't believe we're almost through with the first half of the year. I was reading some of my old posts when I came across my ~sort of~ 2014 New Year's resolutions. And what do you know, so far I was able to do 7 out of the 11. I'm quite surprised and pleased with myself, honestly. *pats self at the back*

    In addition to keeping these promises, I've also done some things that I thought was too late to learn. Like, for one, learning to swim. I guess that's why I never really liked the open sea or any bodies of water or even pools. But when I caught myself getting the hang of it (but I still need TONS of practice), I really had a blast (and found myself smiling in all our underwater photos and videos hahahaha)!

    I've also been doing some cooking again. It's been forever since I last cooked something decent. Well, of course, not the gourmet kind. But on most Mondays, I whip up breakfast for myself and lately, for my folks as well (which I think they found quite odd). I have tons of easy peasy breakfast recipes tucked in my browser's bookmarks that I finally got to do. Will be posting those here as well!

    I've quit one vice for my health's sake (3 weeks and counting! woohoo!) and will be sticking to chocolates as the only vice I'll ever need in this life. Haha.

    If you think about it, we don't need the end of another 365 days to convince ourselves to start something. Everyday is a clean slate. A chance to explore. A do-over. There's ~7 more months to this year, and that's still a lot of time to challenge yourself and commit to something worthy.

    What's something new you have done lately?

    This post is in response to Truth Thursdays' previous prompt, All Things New. Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing, to initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. If you want to know more about Truth Thursdays and how to be a part of it, read here.

    . Sunday, June 01, 2014 .

    1. Sunset >>> Sunrise.
    2. This particular view. I've always loved it since I was a kid.
    3. Strawberry frosted avocado cupcake from Lia's Cakes in Season.
    4. It's never too late to enjoy summer; swimming with friends
    5. Me frolicking in the water. Hah!
    6. An attempt to make chocolate ganache. It tasted funny though. Haha.