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    Majority of my friends call me Trish, I guess you could call me that too. I'm a transcriptions editor with a really messed up body clock and never ending affinity for films, food and written words. I like street art, sweets, neutrals and monochromes, sushi, window seats, golf carts and lazy weekends.

    Some of the things that completely preoccupy me are my fixation with the now defunct The Civil Wars and their beautiful art of sadness, Oh Sehun, sleeping, CSS and HTML, @iameden, and those damn hypnotizing Tasty videos. Top country in my travel bucketlist? Iceland. But the one that will always have my heart? Hong Kong.

    1. Our newest feline visitor

    2. Travel Factor Magazine's maiden issue! <3

    3. Shut up and make some pizza! (Wall of doodles at Project Pie)

    4. Nose pore strips

    5. Starbucks' Bacon and Cheese sandwich was a little bit more
    than bacon and cheese

    6. Home. <3 (Cup of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows,
    walking barefoot, oversized shirt + boxers)

    . Saturday, August 31, 2013 .

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    . Saturday, August 31, 2013 .

    1. Our newest feline visitor

    2. Travel Factor Magazine's maiden issue! <3

    3. Shut up and make some pizza! (Wall of doodles at Project Pie)

    4. Nose pore strips

    5. Starbucks' Bacon and Cheese sandwich was a little bit more
    than bacon and cheese

    6. Home. <3 (Cup of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate with Marshmallows,
    walking barefoot, oversized shirt + boxers)

    . Thursday, August 29, 2013 .

    "I see you."

    "Of course, you do see me. I am here in front of you."

    I imagined that would be what you'd say when I tell you those two words. Of course. Now, I feel silly.

    What you don't understand is that I see you and everything you do. I hear you and everything you say. But I don't "feel you." And by that I don't mean feel your presence and your existence, but I won't ever sympathize with you. I will never understand.

    The world is not some big piece of clay that would mold itself around you, according to your liking. You cannot pick when to be thoughtful and when to be cheeky just because you like it. But then again, we both know that the world is unfair.

    I may not see you all the time but when I do, my God, I see straight through you.

    I guess when the higher powers asked me to pick my poison, I didn't go for alcohol or cigarettes. I went ahead and chose you.

    “To the immature, other people are not real.”
    - Harry and Bonaro Overstreet

    This post is in response to Truth Thursdays' current prompt, I See You. Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing. To initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. If you want to know more about Truth Thursdays and how to be a part of it, read here.

    . Wednesday, August 28, 2013 .

    A couple of months ago, Charm went to Cupcake by Gremlin's physical store in Maginhawa. And because she was such a thoughtful friend, she bought a box for us. Sweet. <3

    (Clockwise L-R) Banana Oatmeal Speculoos cupcake, Hershey's Chocolate cupcake, Red Velvet cupcake, Bailey's Cheese cupcake, Cheesecake (?), Oreo Cheese cupcake
    After we've all got a taste of the cupcake(s) of our choice, I asked them to write their feedback so I could compile it and post a sort of review here. Most of them's done that and the original post has been sitting in my drafts for so long. I accidentally deleted the drafted entry along with my friends' comments so I'm just going to do a run down.

    Before anything else, I was really curious why Cupcakes by Gremlins was named as such? I was expecting something like that cute Mogwai from the 1984 movie, Gremlins. No cute Mogwai in sight, at least on the packaging. The six cupcakes were housed in a standard brown box with their logo printed on it.

    • Banana Oatmeal Speculoos. I know Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter is such a hit right now but I haven't been bitten by the bug yet. The Speculoos is generously piped on top of the cupcake base and tasted really good. I'm just not sure if that was pure Speculoos Cookie Butter or if it was infused with cream cheese to make it that thick. I thought the cupcake base tasted like ordinary banana bread though.
    • Hershey's Chocolate. Of course, I loved that bar of Hershey's on top, who the hell would not? I'm not sure if I shared this with another friend, but anyway, I have said in the past that I'm not a fan of chocolate on chocolate. 
    • Red Velvet. Because Ian's migraines are triggered by chocolate, he always gets the Red Velvet. His verdict? Not so good. He found the cupcake base dry, crumbly and too chocolatey, losing it's supposed red velvet flavor. He said something along the lines of "Lemon square cupcake quality with good cream cheese frosting on top."
    • Bailey's cheese cupcake. While the cupcakes are hit-and-miss, CbG's redeemed itself with their cheese cupcakes! This is my absolute favorite out of all those I've tasted. I wouldn't mind them putting more Bailey's on it. *wink*wink*
    • I'm not sure what this flavor is. I think Cath had this one but we forgot to tell her that we needed a little feedback. Hehehe.
    • Oreo cheese cupcake. This was Muffet's pick. She was all praises to this cheesecake, too! The texture of the cheesecake was smooth. Most cheesecakes tend to go overboard with the sweetness, but this one got just the right balance of sweet, also while sticking to it's Oreo flavor.

    Regular cupcakes - PhP 45 /  Box of six - PhP 260
    Cheese cupcakes - PhP 55 / Box of six - PhP 315

    Cupcake by Gremlins is located at 54 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Quezon City
    Contact No.: (02) 435-5620

    . Tuesday, August 27, 2013 .

    Most of us dread Mondays for the sole fact that it is the start of another work week, as if the weekend is a temporary escape from the reality that is life. On a Sunday night, I always get to read tweets or Facebook statuses that read: "Monday na naman bukas." in a tone that resonates defeat. Since we're night owls, the work week doesn't start until Monday night.

    We thought of shaking things up on this certain Monday morning so we decided to have breakfast (turned brunch) at Bag of Beans in Olivarez in Tagaytay City.

    The first Bag of Beans branch is located in Mendez Crossing West, still in Tagaytay. Since this would just be a quick brunch, we didn't want to go out of way so we just went to the more accessible branch, the one in Olivarez, which was around an hour away from Bacoor.

    There were no other customers when we got there so I had the opportunity to take lots of photos. The interiors are very rustic, everything is made of wood as if it's a house that belongs to a craftsman. The cozy ambiance is just perfect with the cold morning weather.

    Their pastries
    We were looking around and we spotted the balcony. The set-up was very intimate with tall chairs and tables overlooking a wide stretch of greens and blues. It was very uplifting and relaxing.

    Never mind the cold wind blowing
    The greatest view. How can you not fall in love with that?
    Channeling my inner Pocahontas. Cue background music: Colors of the wind. LOL

    On the table:

    Breakfast Sampler (PhP 380)
    Okay. I should have had an inkling that, this being called the Breakfast Sampler, the serving would be huge. Should I have known, I wouldn't have ordered that extra cup of rice you see there. Hahaha. But then again, it's breakfast food so, challenge accepted!

    . Monday, August 26, 2013 .

    I saw Apartment 1B's Rockwell branch on my way to work one night, when the cab driver took another route to avoid the horrible Friday EDSA traffic. I've always had a mental note of checking out Apartment 1B's first branch in Salcedo Village but never got to. I was really glad when I knew about this other branch which is easier to locate.

    A few days after, we went there to have breakfast. The place is quite small (I guess they're sticking to the apartment vibe) but they had a second level which has more seats to accommodate guests. Almost all the tables were occupied so we were guided to the second floor.

    View from the stairs: first floor
    Second level
    The pieces of furniture chosen and the overall aesthetic felt very cozy and homey, like you've known this place for a long time. I love that they were able to inject a sense of familiarity to the place. They even got a big couch on one side with the TV hanging above it, and lampshades and comfy chairs. Although in my opinion, there were too many tables placed on the second floor for such a small space.

    As I've said, the plan was to have breakfast. But when we were handed the menu, my eyes just zoomed in so many things, I forgot the warmth and comfort that breakfast food brings. There were just so many dishes that appealed to us!

    . Sunday, August 25, 2013 .

    01 // Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
    02 // The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
    03 // Radiohead - Karma Police 
    04 // Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars
    05 // New Radicals - You Only Get What You Give
    06 // Little River Band - Cool Change  
    07 // The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes 
    08 // Kansas - Dust in the Wind 

    Listen to the playlist here.

    Here are a couple of songs I've compiled for this week's Soul Pancake activity, create an on-the-go playlist of the five best songs to listen to while ‘people watching.’ Since I'm extra excited for this activity, I added 3 more tunes. Some songs I've chosen because it seemed appropriate and some are really about people, in general.

    Pardon me if majority of the songs are on the old side. I am old and not really that updated on contemporary music. And when I imagine actually doing 'people watching,' these are the songs that automatically come to mind.

    What songs do you deem fit listening to while people watching?

    'Crowd Studies' and image credit to Amanda Joy Brown.

    . Saturday, August 24, 2013 .

    Thank God it's already Saturday. I'm here sitting in front of my desk, contemplating about a lot of things. Sometimes it's just damn exhausting to go through a day and not go insane. You have to keep on changing your perspective about things. You always have to rise above. I sometimes ask, "Why should it always be me?" I honestly still don't know the answer but it seems to be the logical thing to do. It's frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if I am the problem. Do I tolerate too much? Do I make it seem like everything's fine and dandy no matter what's said and done? Do I need to draw a line somewhere, somehow? Do I need to change my approach and take on things? And then it goes back to that persistent question, why does it have to be me?

    I am a good person. I am a decent person. I go out of my way not to step on other people's toes.

    Ugh. I can't wait to come home to my family after all the shit that's happened this week.

    It will be a happy weekend.

    . Thursday, August 22, 2013 .

    Choosing a place to eat after work has always been a dilemma for me and some of my friends at work. Of course, we'd always like to try something new but we also have to take into consideration the location since not all of us would have the same travel time when going home. We've been to Kapitolyo a couple of times and we wanted somewhere new. So, I guess, Greenhills is the next best place to go, right?

    I already had my eye on Torch since last year (it was a part of my To Dine In List), so I quickly suggested it to my friends. Another thing I liked about Torch was that they're open as early as 7:00 AM, which is just perfect for us night owls! There aren't a lot of great food joints that open this early. Believe me, we run out of options!

    Arrived there around 9:00 AM and we were starving.

    One of the perks of having the night shift is that you get to steer away from normal lunchtime queues, food crew gets to assist you better and things are not in a hurry. I also get to take better photos of the place since there's not much people around. Hehehe.

    On the table:

    Gambas Pizza (PhP 329.95)
    Cheesy Mashed Potato (PhP 89.95)
    I found these really delicious. I don't usually go for spicy food but I thought the Gambas Pizza had just the right amount of heat in it. The crust is thin and crisp, perfectly complementing the spice and flavors of the pizza. I suggest you try it because it's absolutely wonderful. It goes the same for the Cheesy Mashed Potato. Eventhough it's named mashed potato, there were still chunks of potato giving it great texture, as opposed to those mashed potatoes that looks and feels like baby food. I love cheese and this dish definitely didn't fell short on being cheesy. Very satisfying!

    . Wednesday, August 21, 2013 .

    The past weekend has been quite interesting. Cavite, my hometown, was in the spotlight due to the heavy downpour that caused massive flooding to the majority of the province.

    I took a day off last Friday to spend some time home since I wasn't able to the previous week. All Saturday morning, I was looking through photos of apartments for ~inspiration~. It started drizzling, raining then the angst of the heavens came down upon us and the pleasant start of the weekend turned into a bit of horror. Here's a rundown:

    • My new flats, finally! Hahaha!
    • Had lunch at the newly opened Army Navy at Bacoor. First time to try Carnitas Soft Tacos <3
    • Extremely bothered that the tricycle side mirror reflects the driver's crotch! Also, it started to rain.
    • Having my peace and quiet (aka lola moment) while answering a Word Search booklet. I love those things!
    • The rain poured non-stop for 15 hours. The flood reached our rooms and was almost knee deep inside the house. We went to my aunt's house to stay dry. This is my brother and my aunt's dog, Ein, sleeping. Hahaha!
    • Our house posing as a submarine.
    • Google-ing Chicken Joy at 4 in the morning. :(
    • Went back to our house to get supplies. Felt like I was in a scene of Walking Dead. Hahaha. Rummaging the house for supplies in pitch-darkness. LOL AT MY LIFE
    • ~Babae sa floodwater~
    • Einster/Einstein/Ein, my aunt's lovable pitbull (though his bark will be the death of my eardrums) 
    • The scene this morning. Yep, still underwater.
    • My aunt's baked goodies: Oatmeal raisin cookies! Smelled and tasted soooo good!

    Floods aren't new to us since the area where our house was built is particularly prone to flooding. It's almost funny that throughout the entire subdivision, the corner street where we live gets submerged in nasty sewer water everytime there's continuous rain. Almost funny because when you think about it, it's not. We've been living there for 27 years and I can't count the number of times the floods had entered our house during the rainy season EVERY FREAKING YEAR. The local government made drainage repairs just last year (YES! JUST LAST YEAR!) after neverending promises election after election. But this was the first time that the flood reached that high that we had to leave the house. And on my way to Makati earlier, parts of Bacoor were still flooded (Sorrento up to Niog).

    Oh well, resentment won't really help. Maring is just another notch in our typhoon bedpost. Hahaha!

    Despite everything that's happened, I think we're still fortunate. Eventhough the flood at our house was at it's all-time high, other people had it worse. People in Kawit, Noveleta, Imus and other parts of Cavite had their houses completely submerged in water and had to stay at their rooftops and wait for rescue.

    A lot of CaviteƱos still need help right now. If you have the resources and the time, here are some of the locations in Cavite where you could drop off food, clothing and medical supplies, or be a volunteer:
    • De La Salle University - Dasmarinas c/o SENTRO La Salle Contact: Alexander Losaria, 0905-438-913
    • Christ's Commission Fellowship - Cavite. Warehouse 1 and 2 Km 21 Aguinaldo Highway, Imus. Contact Bel Adan, 09276867542
    • Imus Cathedral (Our Lady of the Pillar Parish) also accepts volunteers for repacking in addition to donations. Keppel Bldg/Pandayan Hall, Imus Town Proper. Contact: Baby/Pillar at 09178464993.

    Click this photo to get the complete list of Open Relief Donation Centers (as of 11:13PM, Wednesday, August 21) in the Greater Manila Area:

    photo from Rappler.com
    . Friday, August 16, 2013 .

    Turned twenty one on a day that we met / Terrible shoes, implausible dress / It's funny how sad the funny things get as you grow older

    Cause real love / Is hard love / It's all we have / It's a break-neck / Train wreck / It's all we have

    This beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue / It's a beautiful knot that we just can't undo

    Together we're one but apart, tell me, who are we fooling?

    . Wednesday, August 14, 2013 .

    If you're tired of the same, generic strap that comes with your camera, here's a quick fix. I found this easy peasy tutorial, over at Free People, on how you can make your own camera strap from, say, a scarf or any fabric with your favorite pattern on it! A nice way of spicing up the boring black strap while at the same time, showing a bit of your personality and creativity.

    There's tons of ways you can personalize your camera strap. There's the use of metal chains, woven fabric and even bits of leather from your old boots! I liked this one because this is the most uncomplicated (haha) process and it doesn't involve any kind of sewing (hurrah).

    What you'll need:

    A lightweight, small summer scarf (cut it to preferred size so that the camera would fall on the desired spot)
    A patch of leather
    A hot glue gun
    A pair of scissors
    2 D-rings
    2 lanyard hooks

    . Monday, August 12, 2013 .

    Waking up to cuddle weather. Drizzling rain. Alone in bed. Subtly whistling wind. Burying yourself under a thick blanket but leaving your toes to show. Bake with Anna Olson on cable TV. Big shirts. No pants. Spam, scrambled eggs and garlic rice. A bowl of hot noodle soup. Extra cup of rice. Ice cold coke. Knowing that Master Chef is up next on TV. Blogging in bed. Daydreaming about a puff of smoke. Running out of things to say. Butter cookies. Rain drops on the window pane. Momentary silence broken by a train's loud and persistent honk. Drifting back to sleep.
    . Sunday, August 11, 2013 .

    One thing I like about trying new food is that I get to get a glimpse of a country or culture through their cuisine. Of course, nothing beats actually being on that foreign land and absorb it's beauty and wonders but experiencing its translation in terms of their cooking will suffice for me... for now. I have a confession though: I am not that risky when trying new dishes. Most of the time I stick to what I know and what I like. That's one of the reasons why I prefer dining out with my friends because, unlike me, they are always ecstatic to try new cuisines. Which, in the end, is also a good thing for me.

    This past couple of weeks, eat outs were at a bunch of different restaurants which was kind of like a little foreign journey adventure for our palates!

    Korean: Happy Han Bapsang 

    We found this restaurant a few months ago when we first discovered a branch of Moonleaf located in Ortigas Home Depot. I was so happy to find a Korean restaurant near the office because I've been craving for Korean dishes for so long. I first got taste of authentic Korean food from a little restaurant called Suwon Galbi (in Calamba Premiere Industrial Park in Brgy. Batino, Calamba) located near the Samsung Electro-Mechanics plant where I did a short stint as an engineer (~those were the days~). I've been craving for Korean food ever since. </3

    This hole-in-the-wall joint is currently offering unlimited samgyupsal for PhP 300 (omgz ~destiny~)! We were so hungry that day so we were so happy with the news. The unlimited samgyupsal includes 5 different banchan (sides), a serving of pajeon (green onion egg pancake) and what I think is a leak soup. I absolutely love pajeon (T_T)! We also ordered 3 servings of rice.

    I don't know why but that day, the food crew did all the cooking for us. Service was really quick and they were very accommodating with all of our requests. The interiors were painted orange with a streak of roller-brushed white paint in the middle that made the place look unfinished. The fixtures were very basic, nothing grand. They even have an aquarium of live eels which we stared at for a good 5 minutes. Hahaha.

    The samgyupsal is lost somewhere in that table
    We were full and happy and the samgyupsal won't stop. Haha. What more can we ask for?

    Happy Han Bapsang is located at Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila
    Next to Ministop and Moonleaf Tea Shop

    Persian: Behrouz Persian Cuisine

    Having Mickey D's as the only open fast food chain near work is always a bummer. The food gets tiring and the other options we have are only Ministop and 7-11. So one time, Ian and I decided to head to Metrowalk to have a lunch here at Behrouz. Since I am not familiar with the menu and we had to be quick, he ordered Chelo Kebab Kobideh for the 2 of us, an extra order of grilled tomatoes (because tomatoes are just delicious) and ox brain which I didn't try. Haha. 

    The Chelo Kebab Kobideh (PhP 270) is comprised of 2 pieces of beef kebab served covered with a heap of hot Basmati rice and 2 grilled tomatoes. So the photo above is my half of the serving. We both also ordered a glass of Greek yogurt shake.

    I am a rice person so I found it really great there was that much rice per serving. The beef was grilled perfectly and very tasty. I actually think this dish is perfect for me because it has all the components I would enjoy in a meal. I would definitely come back to try their chicken!

    Behrouz Persian Cuisine is located at Ground Level, Metrowalk, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City
    Contact Number: (02) 638-6318

    . Saturday, August 10, 2013 .

    Last April (~so long ago~), a few friends and I retreated from the life of skyscrapers, graveyard shifts and endless traffic to go to San Juan, La Union, where our main aim was to relax, reflect and learn to ride the waves (optional). Since I do not even know how to swim, I will not even pretend to like the idea of trying out surfing. I passed on that opportunity and focused my attention on finding and dining at a local restaurant that will represent the taste of La Union.

    We had the most horrible bus ride going there (yes, talking about you, Partas bus line!), arrived there just in time for sunset and spent our first night curled up in our beds with a documentary about aliens lulling us to sleep.

    The next day, of course, was a different story.

    We had our breakfast at Sea Nymph Surf Cafe which is located next to Sebay. Nothing fancy, nothing grand. But I noticed that a lot of people go here to eat. My friend, Muffet, always talked about Sea Nymph's pancakes with bacon and cream cheese, so we went there and ordered that.

    Not bad, I think, for it's price (around PhP 100, I forgot). This might not be Pancake House-level or whatever restaurant you go to, to eat pancakes, but the key is to stuff in more bacon! Also, I liked that fact that they use Maya Hotcakes (lol, support Maya!) that's why the pancakes were so fluffy. The cream cheese? Almost non-existent but I'd still have this anyway.

    For our late lunch, I just randomly picked this out of their menu. This is called Asian Pork Liempo. I was thinking of something grilled so I was surprised when this was served. But this is one of the best pork dishes I've ever tasted, no kidding.Or it's just that I've never tasted anything quite like this before. You get the point. It really tastes good. It's got that Korean cuisine vibe to it and the anise made the dish fragrant and even more flavorful. It was pure win on so many levels. This dish stole my heart and my stomach.

    As per recommendation by friends who frequent La Union, we went here to have our dinner. It was our last night there so we wanted the dinner to be extra special. I had no idea before that Halo Halo de Iloko was featured in a local channel's program. They just told me bagnet dishes here were great. Okay, that was enough reason for me to try this place.

    . Wednesday, August 07, 2013 .

    1. Beer kegs! We found actual beer kegs at Brotzeit.

    2. Persian food! Chelo Kebab Kobideh from Behrouz. This actually came with a 
    tall glass of Dogh (Greek yogurt) shake. Delicious.

    3. White tea and ginger scent.

    4. Such great heights.

    5. My favorite scene from Before Sunset, my favorite out of the Before trilogy.
    So heartbreakingly beautiful.

    6. Bag of Bean's hot chocolate. Okay. Bag of Beans in general.

    . Monday, August 05, 2013 .

    Or Wildflour Cafe + Bakery's croissant donuts rather.

    There was the cupcake craze, the milk tea craze and now, the Cronut invasion?

    For a little background, Cronuts began making news in this side of the world last June, I think. Or at least that's when I first started hearing the buzz about it. I read an article in Pepper.ph about the mania around this hybrid pastry in New York, selling price of $5, and I got to admit, the photos of all the long lines I've seen and the uniqueness got me interested.

    Why did it gain such a following?

    Chef Dominique Ansel (of the namesake bakery that launched Cronuts) was, for one, innovative. Croissants and donuts are already delicious on its own, and this combination of the two was certainly a genius move. (We'll never really know if Ansel was the first one to come up with this idea but if he's not, he seemed to be in the right place at the right time.) It was something you've never heard, seen or tasted before so it's natural that people would certainly try it. Then, all the exposure through the social media even made it more popular as it spread like wildfire from New York to Manila (if you also got someone like Anthony Bourdain to try your food, it's almost a done deal). I think the limit of 250 pieces a day also pumps up the want to have it exceedingly more.

    Then the wave of Cronut clones followed. Not everyone can be in New York so, I guess, this is a good thing, right?

    Wildflour's: The First of Many

    Around early June, Wildflour The Fort's Facebook page posted this picture which I suppose was an announcement that the Cronut has indeed arrived at our shores. But Wildflour calls this croissant donuts to avoid infringement because Ansel has apparently filed for a trademark for the word Cronut, which he first coined.

    Read here about how Anna Lorenzana-De Ocampo of Wildflour Cafe + Bakery replicated Ansel's creation.

    We were able to swing by Podium around the end of last month because I was craving for Cupcake Lab's cupcakes. On the way up, I saw Wildflour Cafe + Bakery and kinda kicked myself (mentally) because I totally forgot this branch. I've been waiting for the cronuts hoopla to die a notch down before trying it out myself.

    Aah. Heaven.
    We went to the counter and can't find any cronuts displayed so I had to ask if they were serving it that day. They were serving the croissant donuts at specific times of the day only. And at the time I went there, it was 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM. We were 30 minutes early so we bought cupcakes and wandered a little before coming back. I was surprised to find a line building up considering Wildflour's space was small.

    . Sunday, August 04, 2013 .

    Two words: extraordinary carinderia.

    If you're looking for laid back ambiance, comfortable chairs and interiors with personality, you won't find it here. They never promised that. The place is indeed true to its name. But if you're those type of  people who would go out of their way to get their hands on good food, this is one of the places you would like to be.

    There's so much the world wide web has written about this place so it really, really got me intrigued. That plus the fact that I can eat breakfast three times a day. So, was it worth all the rave? Read along.

    We had no idea where San Joaquin Street in Mandaluyong is so we took a cab going there. We were dropped off a few blocks away because we were greeted by ankle-deep flood and road excavations. So we had to take a pedicab to cross the flood and still had to be dropped off nowhere near Kanto because of the excavation. Foursquare was of no help, too. Haha. The pin was definitely in the wrong spot. It was a good thing I caught sight of the blue signage (see photo above) and recognized it from all the photos I saw online.

    We happily marched towards Kanto. We were hungry!

    Most of the comments I read online was that service was slow and the place is always jam-packed. Luckily for us, the place is empty when we got there! But I have to say, after we got settled, people in groups were slowly creeping in.

    Too bad their Eggs Benedict was not available that day. It's what I've been meaning to order.

    On the table:

    Spam and Eggs (PhP 90)
    I know spam tastes the same no matter where they serve it. Hahaha. But I just love to eat this bundle. This is my ultimate comfort food. I love the tomato pesto! It adds an interesting flavor to this traditional breakfast meal plus it's a nice pop of color!

    . Thursday, August 01, 2013 .

    As I am typing this blog entry (on Notepad, silly! haha), I just read an e-mail from someone regarding something I overlooked at work. I'm not going to make any excuses for my shortcomings. I know I share the blame, but imagine my horror when I saw that copies of the e-mail were also sent to my supervisor (well, that's okay), assistant operating managers (yes, plural, there's 3 of them) and our operating manager (oh shit, oh shit, I am panicking). I felt like my mind is going to explode so I had to write it down. It's the first time that it happened. So, yeah, oh shit.

    The silver lining is, I finally had something to write about after being so lazy for more than a week. I keep saying that I don't have the time but whenever I do, I never accomplish anything. My mind was stuck in a rut for so long, I don't even know why. The things to share keeps on piling up and I just keep putting things off.

    So much for asking for the brand new month to be good to me, eh?

    In all fairness, July was a pretty bad ass month because:

    1. Game of Thrones. Went on a GoT marathon 2 weekends ago, and I'm in Season 3, finally. I just had to find out what all the rave is all about. Story was a little slow at first but so far: 

    • I liked the Khal
    • I hate the Lannisters (who doesn't?) but Sansa even more
    • I love the direwolves and their names (especially Grey Wind AND Shaggydog! Can't get over a dog named Shaggydog during that time.)
    • So many bewbies!
    • I laugh everytime Daenerys Targaryen starts everything she says with "I am the Khaleesi of Dothraki..." and how she uses the fact that she's the Mother of Dragons to get her point across. HAHAHA
    • I didn't get it why Catelyn Stark released Jaime Lannister (it's a freaking war!)
    • I got so excited about the Red Wedding so I read about it. 
    • All this time, I thought the Khaleesi was played by Piper Perabo.

    2. Much needed (and much awaited) break. We headed to Laguna to unwind before the...

    3. Start of the peak season at work. The edits get so crazy sometimes, I just want to cry. Then you get the most brutal proofers and I just want to wail even more. But I love my work. I've never agreed to any kind of OTs before this job. (Well, the first job and this job.) This company is great. They even gave out cupcakes  (WOOHOO) yesterday as a "Job well done!" kind of token but I heard my heart break when I saw it was Blushing Cupcakes. I'm really grateful and all, but that's my least liked cupcake (hashtag choosy) but I figured it's the closest cupcake shop from the office. Still, thank you!

    4. Before Midnight. Been waiting for this movie! Finally! Personally, Before Sunset is my favorite out of the 3 but something about this film was so raw and real. I cried and cringed and laughed, the feelings just won't stop. Hahaha. In between those long conversations they had in the car and while walking on the picturesque streets of Greece, I got so caught up in their little bubble, for a minute I thought Jesse and Celine were real. /crazyfangirlmoment

    Not bad at all. July was like the coming down from a slope; everything finally feels a bit at ease, a bit more relaxed. Time to queue some posts!