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    Majority of my friends call me Trish, I guess you could call me that too. I'm a transcriptions editor with a really messed up body clock and never ending affinity for films, food and written words. I like street art, sweets, neutrals and monochromes, sushi, window seats, golf carts and lazy weekends.

    Some of the things that completely preoccupy me are my fixation with the now defunct The Civil Wars and their beautiful art of sadness, Oh Sehun, sleeping, CSS and HTML, @iameden, and those damn hypnotizing Tasty videos. Top country in my travel bucketlist? Iceland. But the one that will always have my heart? Hong Kong.

    1. Breakfast and the comfort it brings

    2. Elevator rides

    3. Dogs and their emotions

    4. Light rainshowers

    5. Magic macarons by Alchemy

    6. Mango-flavored treats

    . Thursday, May 30, 2013 .

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    . Thursday, May 30, 2013 .

    1. Breakfast and the comfort it brings

    2. Elevator rides

    3. Dogs and their emotions

    4. Light rainshowers

    5. Magic macarons by Alchemy

    6. Mango-flavored treats

    . Monday, May 27, 2013 .

    For most of the people I know, nothing makes their heart skip a beat than a great pair of shoes. That includes most of my girl buddies, my boyfriend, my mom and even my brother. I don't get that at all. And I think that goes the same for them. Sometimes they don't understand my craziness over food, specifically desserts.

    I spent my Saturday sampling over desserts I've just discovered and been wanting to try for a long time. You say one can only eat so much sweets but I have to disagree.

    I'm not really sure if my mom reads my blog but if ever you do, Ma, I promise I'll cut down the sweets from now on. And to my friend, Joyce, I promise to fit the dress just in time for your wedding. (*crosses fingers*)

    1. The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel's Vanessa (PhP 250)

    Seriously, who could ever resist that?
    Here's the story: After work (8:30 AM), we (Ian + I) went to Naci Comfort Food to have breakfast but surprise, surprise, it was still closed! So we went to GRAM's Diner instead. Dessert was a requirement for us so we ended up Google-ing restaurants in the area that have great desserts. The Cake Club kept on popping up on the results so after our breakfast, we WAITED for them to open by staying at Jamba Juice. I know, right? The great lengths we go to for great food.

    Praise the heavens, it's already 11:00 AM! So we went to The Cake Club with no other intentions in mind but to have dessert, so I was really glad to be greeted by glass displays of all kinds of gorgeous desserts and walls of Royce's products. No initial awkwardness of sitting there and ordering just the desserts. I was so excited! Hahaha.

    . Friday, May 24, 2013 .

    I wish I could just fast forward the days and when I wake up tomorrow later, it's already June. I have so much stuff pending for posting here because I never get to finish an entry when I start it. It's either I fall asleep while doing it or my brain's too fried to function after work. For a bit of a good news, we were told that today (or tonight's shift) is the supposed last day of our second quarter peak season. And I am just so damn happy and relieved to hear that.

    Finally, I would have the time to fix all the photos, and I could (hopefully) come up with better posts this coming week. Do you ever feel that tummy ache when you think about all the chaos of things you still need to do, and no matter how you try, you just can't find the time to finish everything? Well, I feel that way most of the time. Hello, much needed rest! I just can't wait!

    Updates in bullets: (LOL I forgot this template doesn't support bulleted/numbered lists, must tweak soon.)

    • New blog layout. DUH. I was thinking of changing my layout for June but I accidentally clicked the save button. So here's my nth blog template. I hope it looks better for everyone who drops by. I'd love a feedback!
    • 8th. Hopefully, I could come up with something extraordinary on the 15th. I need an out of town trip!
    • Enchanted Kingdom. I'm quite excited for my much anticipated trip to Enchanted Kingdom next week! Don't laugh at me! Yes. I've never been there. EVER.
    • Company Outing. The month of May just totally sucked and I was not able to travel anywhere this month. I told myself to have a trip at least once a month (LOL as if I could do it twice) just to feed my wanderlust. I've been doing it since February. So, I guess, going to Rizal would be the travel highlight of May. Hahaha.

    And lastly, my favorite news this month:

    Got an email from Scarlett Dixon of Hostelling International/Big Blog Exchange last week and almost fell off my seat. Well, no, they're not sending me on some exotic location somewhere out there. They organized a blogger's meet-up for all those bloggers who entered the BBE from the Philippines (YAY) and we'd be having lunch somewhere in Manila and we'd be meeting Tina (of Lunch For One, from Germany). Yup, the blogger that would be swapping places with Camie. I am really excited for that!

    . Monday, May 20, 2013 .

    Another pastry shop to feed my life long affinity for desserts. Yes, yes. After a hearty breakfast at Poco Deli about a week ago, we went straight to CAB Cafe to sample their desserts.

    CAB Cafe is located in the wonderful food haven of Kapitolyo, Pasig, right across Poco Deli. It's apparently an extension of CafĂ© Bob's which is a famous family-run restaurant business in Bacolod City.

    I've been reading (and drooling) so much about their gorgeous cakes and desserts, I was glad I finally found someone to accompany me back to Kapitolyo and try out their bestsellers!

    Look at this shelf of beauty.
    We were immediately drawn to the glass shelf holding all the available desserts that morning. I was just so happy to see the colorful display of the chocolates, the cheesecakes, cupcakes and everything in between. 

    Hello, I am Patricia and I am a sugarholic.

    Someone's cranky early in the morning.
    The interior was roomy and quiet. It's one of those places you can definitely have your peace and quiet for yourself. The only other people there was another couple having breakfast. I also read that they have WiFi available, so it's great for those that just want to chill and dwiddle with their gadgets, or work (whatever suits you.)

    . Sunday, May 19, 2013 .

    Spent our morning in NBC Tent at The Fort for this yummy event. I honestly thought I was going to go alone but then I was able to convince my epicurean friend, Ian (who convinced another friend, Charm), to go with me. Yey! Tasting food from 50 different concessionaires for PhP 200 is such a steal, right? Of course, I just have to attend this event.

    Image from Yummy Magazine's Facebook page
    And apparently, this is the 3rd year Yummy Magazine has done this food fair. Man, what have I been doing in the past 2 years?

    Armed with our golden paper plates and Yummy Eats passbook of sorts, we started this supposed day long food fiesta. 

    We were determined to taste each of the 56 concessionaires but failed to do so. We came here straight from work and an hour past lunch time, we were super tired and drained BUT full. Haha. The place was packed by 11:00 AM! I included a sort of review of the samples provided by each restaurant, and their contact details as well in case you want to know more about them. 

    Here are my top picks:

    1. Alchemy

    The best French macarons everrr! Had a bite of their salted caramel flavor and I am not kidding when I say it's the best out there. I mean, you can disagree with me but for me, it was pure magic. It's got that delicately crispy but at the same time chewy transition of textures with every bite. And the flavors hits the right spot. I don't even know how to explain it further. Oh, and their packaging is so pretty! Hahaha. All I hear from people leaving their stall is, "Ang sarap!" This is without a doubt, a must try! 

    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    2. Manila Q

    I love pork. That's no secret. And if you could find a way to may pork twice as amazing as it already is, I'll love you even more. And that's what ManilaQ's team of geniuses has come up with. Bagwang is something in between of bacon, chicharon and fried liempo. The three best things in life = party in my mouth! Perfectly flavorful and crrrispy! 

    Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    . Friday, May 17, 2013 .

    Do you ever wonder why some people go to great lengths just to try new food? Why there's some people not hesitant to jump on the bandwagon just to feed their curiosity for a gastronomic fad? And why some dishes look so simple but tastes so complex to some? Here's something to read and ponder on. I found this article (well, a part of the actual article) on Pepper.ph's website, written by Dwight Co, for their (almost) forgotten first year anniversary.

    Get a guy who only eats only garlic rice and tapa everyday, buy him dinner from a 3-star Michelin restaurant, and he probably wouldn’t think twice about spitting out that hand-plucked, 400-year old Icelandic clam on his plate. He’ll argue that it’s no different from the much cheaper clams he’s used to eating. Now give that same piece of shellfish to someone like Ferran Adria and he’d get a boner just by smelling it.

    Most people think that you only need great chefs to experience great food. That’s not true; chefs are just half of the story. Great food comes from great cooks and great tongues.

    “That’s blasphemy!” you say, “Taste is relative!” Well you’re right, and wrong.

    Taste is only relative in the same way that blue is as good as pink—there’s no objectively “better” color. Beyond that, taste can be developed, expanded, and practiced.

    Here’s how taste evolves via the Hierarchy of Taste:

    Image from Pepper.ph
    Stage 1: Survival

    People stuck in the Survival stage literally only “eat to live.” They don’t care if what they’re eating is good or bad. They only care about food if it gives them enough fuel to power their bodies. They strictly stick to a safe zone of food choices. They care more about value for money than taste. They wouldn’t bother reading a food blog.

    These are the folks you’d often hear say, “I like buffets because they’re filling. I don’t really care where we eat. Hindi sulit.”

    Stage 2: Exploration

    Explorers eat for pleasure. These people eat because food makes them happy. They’re constantly looking for new experiences and seek special places for special occasions. They can detect nuanced culinary details, but they’re not anal about it. What’s important is whether or not what they’re eating makes them happy. What matters to them most is how food tastes and how much pleasure it gives them.

    People whose taste buds lean towards the explorer stage are the ones who often say things like, “This place is expensive, but it’s worth it. Where’s the best pasta in town? This steak is a bit too well-done for me.”

    Stage 3: Enlightenment

    Most people never reach taste Enlightenment. People at this stage eat neither for value nor solely for taste, but for meaning. They care about details the rest of us wouldn’t even bother with, such as where the food is sourced or how the animals were treated. They care about the passion and energy of the chef who cooks the food. They care about technique, complexity, and presentation. They approach a dish not for its taste, but in anticipation of a revelatory experience, a source of inspiration and insight.

    You could pick a piece of leek in a farm and serve it to them unseasoned and raw, and they can find joy in that. Their culinary senses are heightened to a level most of us will never understand. These are the people who push the culinary world forward.

    “Great food is stripped down to its core,” these people would say, “You must respect food” or “A chef is an artist.”

    While people at the pinnacle of our taste triangle may find themselves slipping down a step or two, depending on their mood, they will always have the ability to return to the top whenever they want. On the other hand, us folks in the first and second stages wouldn’t have the ability to force ourselves to reach the third stage because we lack the experience and fire to reach it.

    So, at which stage do you think you are right now?

    . Tuesday, May 14, 2013 .

    Since this list may not be appropriate to post on Wednesday, I'll just do it a day earlier.

    Some little things in life that make us really, really happy, also are little signs that make you realize that life has indeed changed for the better. Or just those day-to-day things that's so simple yet so comforting. Here's a list I was able to come up with all things that made me feel that way.

    Please click the arrow on the right of the photo to scroll through the photos.

    • Heima's Colette Chest of Drawers 
    • Rappler.com's super cool election results interface
    • Light workload at work today (Tomorrow is another story. 172 edits, ugh.)
    • My favorite meal of the day, prepared by my dear father. Thank you, Pa!
    • Our ever lovable dog, Steve, peeking through the kitchen screen
    • A what I thought would be a super heavy downpour that never happened (Whew!)
    • Future plans with one of my bestfriends, Natz. Singapore in November? Hopefully.
    • And my favorite on the list: FINALLY booked a trip for 4 to Boracay! It's about time!

    What's on your list? :)
    . Monday, May 13, 2013 .

    I was looking for a new restaurant to visit just in time for a Mothers' Day celebration. Luckily, I knew about Via Romana a few weeks before and told my parents and my brother to reserve their May 12th so we could eat out.

    After looking at other options for our celebration, my mom chose to eat at Via Romana since the food looks delicious and it's nearer our place. I went straight home after work yesterday and arrived there past lunch time.

    Via Romana is located inside a compound called Paradiso Terrestre which is a huge events venue. In here, you could also find different events spaces for all your needs: Cafe Nenita (the elegant space; the structure with glass walls on the right of the photo), Patio Verde Garden (more of a terrace, outdoor feel), Villa Estrella (for company conferences and private meetings), La Veranda (roof top events space), De Cor Azul (for swimming parties) and Cabana Jarden (a small garden venue for intimate gatherings).

    Other establishments include La Terraza Bar & Grille (for those parties with a splash of alcohol and loud karaoke music), La Vista Deck (if you're a romantic) and Cafe Paradiso (well, yes, a cafe). So basically, everything you need for a grand and well prepared event is here. Pretty neat, eh?

    The place is really cozy and modern at the same time. I really, really like the contrast of the different materials that they used in their furnishings. Warm tones were evident due to the native materials but the elegant vibe is there as well.

    We even called up a few days before to make a reservation because I was afraid the place would be too crowded when we get their. Apparently, not a lot of people know of this place yet. But one thing I noticed the entire duration of our lunch, the place may not be packed but it never ran out of customers.

    Click the arrow on the photo below to see more of the photos of Via Romana's interiors.

    . Sunday, May 05, 2013 .

    I was pretty stoked when I found out that a branch of Moonleaf opened in Ortigas Home Depot and that there was a cupcake shop around that area, too!

    We dropped by Blushing Cupcakes Cafe last March and was all giddy to taste their cupcake offerings. We were pleased to know that aside from being a cupcake shop, they also offer pasta and rice meals. The store interior was actually cute with all the prominent pops of pink.

    I was a bit disappointed when the cupcake trays were almost empty considering it was 12 noon (and they open around 11 AM). I was expecting trays of colorful, freshly baked cupcakes but this is what we saw when we got there.

    But still, it didn't stop me from buying a few pieces to try. Haha!

    In the box: Red Velvet Surprise Cheesecake, Black Velvet, New York Cheesecake, Banana Split
    Okay. So I've read too many great reviews about Blushing Cupcakes but I was surprised that somehow the experience was not the same for me. The cupcakes indeed look delicious but the taste fell short. I was kind of anticipating that wow factor but it fell right under the just okay category.

    . Friday, May 03, 2013 .

    The vicinity of Salcedo Village must be one of the busiest parts of Makati, not only because it's near the business district but it's also brimming with a lot of great restaurants that caters to all types of budget. If you're just like me, most of the time clueless of where to go, this food guide would be of great help to answer your eternal everyday question, "Where to eat?" (during those days when you don't want to cook.)

    So whether it's breakfast the morning after, cheap treats for a quick lunch on a busy work day, a new, cozy place to bring a date or somewhere you can go hang out and drink with your buddies, I'm sure you can find a unique establishment here in Salcedo Village.

    Salcedo Village Food & Restaurant Map by ClickTheCity.com

    For an overview of all of these restaurants, please click here. Happy food trip!

    . Wednesday, May 01, 2013 .

    I met up with the boyfriend last Thursday morning so we could watch Iron Man 3. Since it was almost around lunchtime, we decided to eat first before watching the movie so we wouldn't be so hungry after. Looking for a place to eat always ends up with, "Ikaw na bahala. Kahit saan." He left the decision up to me so we went straight to Glorietta 4's Food Choices and scouted for something to eat. I suddenly remembered Go Greek! because I desperately wanted kebab.

    I didn't want to go to a fine dining/high end resto since I know it would take longer to eat. Food courts generally offer you the same thing (something fried, something grilled, something sizzling) but Food Choices actually has the widest variety of food stalls I've seen.

    Located at the extreme right of Food Choices, this Greek budget friendly food joint is the brainchild of Chef Rob Goco (Cyma, Charlie's Grind and Grill) and offers mousakka, kebab, gyro, and lemon chicken. I liked how their palette of colors where white and blue as it projects a clean ambiance in the midst of the busy food court. It definitely stood out among all the food chains there.

    I admit that I'm not very familiar with Greek cuisine so I was a bit confused on all the things at their menu (haha) and how to place an order. Thankfully, they made it easy for us newbies to order as they have platter offerings. By the way, for the platter meals, you will be asked if you want it to be served with potatoes or with rice.

    For our brunch that day, I ordered their Lamb Kebab Platter (PhP 155).

    Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I assure you that the lamb kebab doesn't look that burnt. Hehe.
    The platter consists of the wonderfully grilled lamb kebab (4 chunks of lamb, I think, skewered in between quartered red onions and whole tomatoes), garlic/sour cream flavored potatoes, 3 pieces of pita bread with hummus dip and fresh greens on the side. My favorite would have to be the potatoes because the flavors were just excellent and it was cooked perfectly. The lamb kebab was actually very tender and moist and for me, it went well with the pita bread. The pita bread was just soft and a delight to the taste buds when dipped in the hummus. I've never tried hummus before so this was a first!

    Lamb Chop Platter (PhP 215)
    The boyfriend ordered this one. The main difference from what we both had was he wanted rice to go with it and that ginormous roasted lamb. Sadly, the lamb was a bit chewy. I know he really wanted to finish the entire thing but the meat was too rubbery to cut! He said the lamb tasted really good but it was just not as tender as we hoped it to be. *Insert sad face here* He found the salad to be a sort of saving grace because it tasted fresh, the vegetables are crunchy and the vinaigrette added a great flavor to it.

    Overall, eating at Go Greek! was still great. Hopefully, they could improve the lamb chops. I would still definitely recommend this place to everyone who's tired of eating the same old boring food. Delicious, flavorful Greek food on a budget! Of course, they don't have an extensive Greek menu but they pretty much covered the basics.

    Go Greek! is located at Glorietta 4, Food Choices, East Drive, Ayala Center, Makati City