Where To Next Planner 2017: Lessons On The Road

When the year approaches its last quarter, resolutions come up and some form of organization is warranted as the new year is on the horizon. Some people depend on their smartphones and apps for their management needs but I have always preferred something tangible. My affinity for stationery came at an early age and eventually used notebooks as DIY organizers. You see, there has always been something therapeutic about writing down all the things you need to do or stuff you need to pick up, your travel wishlist and even random thoughts, and there's this higher kind of high when you get to cross off everything on your list. I wish that didn't sound weird. Hahaha.

It's kind of a big thing for me, the whole hunting (lol) and picking of the planner I will use for the following year. Most of the time, things are a mess, stuff that needs to be done pile up into mountains but planners somehow streamline priorities and make life in order. Haha. I usually make a blog post about my top picks just like what I did last year, but for this year, I'm featuring the one that I have set on using.

Playlist: Strange Feelings, Weird Terror

Still procrastinating tiptoeing around all the backlog I'm supposed to put here. (I still owe Zomato a write-up, a listicle of new places foodies must try in Baguio, another cafe restaurant we went to in Cavite and lastly, something about a planner!) So after a few hours of fiddling, editing photos and browsing different sites for inspo, this is what I came up instead -- a playlist. A hand-picked (naks, artisanal!) combination of a few of my favored tunes as of late, a few songs and artists recommended by friends and some that have grown on me after first discovering it (looking at you Tenterhook!)

I was set on uploading everything on 8tracks once again because it just looks exponentially prettier but there were changes in their international streaming (for listeners outside US and Canada (∩︵∩)) so I guess I'm really stuck with Spotify now. The playlist's supposed to be named as Higher (lol, IK lame) but I saw these cute drawings from Rookie Mag and decided to make it the cover ~art~ and let's face it, strange feelings really do bring out a level of dread, horror, worry, fear and overthinking in all of us. Hahaha!

Buku-Buku Kafe Imus, Cavite

Now that I'm done with the realizations and reflections part of turning 3-0, let me overshare once again how I celebrated my birthday, which of course involved... eating. ヘ(^_^ヘ) First, I think I've mentioned this on a previous entry, I had lunch with my friends from work at Locavore in Forbeswood (finally popped that Locavore cherry!) Second, my folks and I had breakfast at Charity by Bag of Beans in Tagaytay after hearing mass. And the final stop was with my childhood friends at this little place called Buku-Buku Kafe in Imus, Cavite.

I first picked up about Buku-Buku Kafe (Bahasa, translates to many, many books in English) when I read that Ourselves the Elves (!!!) and Oh Flamingo have already performed there prior and during the cafe's official launch. I am in love with Ourselves the Elves and I don't know how that particular knowledge escaped me! Also, I try as much to support the Cavite local scene by doing it best the way I know how, and I'm really interested in discovering and further promoting more hole in the walls and art events this side of town.  

We went there on a Monday afternoon, and although the mall was bustling and busy, the inside of the cafe had that relaxed, 'hey, let's take a moment to breathe' atmosphere to it, which, frankly, I really love.

Things I’m Happy I Tried and Learned Before 30

My previous birthday posts are always in the form of wishlists, things I must absolutely do in this life time, celebrations (mainly food trips haha), and the different lessons life has taught me, with me usually looking back at the challenging parts of my existence. For this year (and since I like making lists so much), I'm going to switch it up a bit and enumerate the moments that I've experienced in my life (good and bad) that I am truly grateful for which helped me grow and be where I am right now.

I survived a break up. Here's the thing why it was a big deal to me: I've only had one relationship and it lasted for 8 years. In all honesty, I thought he was the one. But things took an unexpected turn and we had to let it go. The break up made me realize that I wasn't happy, he wasn't happy, that I needed to work on myself, look at the grand scale of things, and get out of my comfort zone.

I failed... a lot. My family had high expectations of me academe-wise since I've always had good grades as far as I can remember. I was always in the honors list and my parents didn't doubt that I'd still continue that when I went to college. Boy, I was so wrong. College was harder in so many ways I couldn't even imagine. I endured a lot of failures in those 6 years I was in Mapua. Pride kept me going but eventually I fell out of love of Chemical Engineering. I hopped jobs until I landed where I'm working right now. And finally, I am happy.

Favorite Things #34

My friends really do know how to spoil me rotten as I've got some amazing stuff for my 30th birthday. I must have done a deal of good things in my previous life because I got showered with treats when I turned the big 3-0. Excitement for one's birthday is inversely proportional with age (as we all know), but hey, I had an absolute kick this year! Thanks to all my awesome friends! (✿◠‿◠)

One. I bought this one around September and it finally came in a couple of weeks ago. I was just so happy to have in my possession a signed copy of John Paul White's new album, Beulah. When JP's social media accounts suddenly became active and there were secret performances that sprung on YouTube, I almost bawled out my eyes with happiness. I was the ultimate fan girl when I jumped on the chance to have a piece of JP since I think an Asian tour is not in the horizon for a long time. (Edit: But then he responded to my tweet!!!)

Two. Sushi cupcakes from Bellefleur by Beatrix! I convinced myself to get these for my birthday this year (because who else will haha) and decided to go a bit crazy. Last year, I had Mountain Dew cupcakes and was scouting for unique-themed cupcakes when I saw Bellefleur by Beatrix's Facebook post about their sushi cake and was really excited about the thought of having sushi cupcakes. Those were the cutest things! I mean, right? It's a bit weird at first but it was great!

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