Wink Laser Studio's Gentlemax Pro Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to maintaining body hair growth, I'm pretty much an old school type of girl. I resort to shaving when it comes to my underarms and shaping my eyebrows, I don't shave my legs because I never really saw it as a necessity. I have fine hair on my legs so it's okay with me. This is a personal choice though, if you're confident and comfortable going au naturel, that's perfectly fine as well. :)

Nowadays, there's a lot of choices when it comes to hair removal: waxing, threading, creams, IPL, etc. I've been really curious about IPL (intense pulsed light) since it warrants basically hair-free and smoother underarms (or whichever part of your body you want to be hair-free).

I've been reading about Wink Laser Studio last year and was really curious with their Revlite Laser Therapy but never availed of their services because of lack of time and resources. But I've always been keeping tabs with their latest technology for hair removal and correction of underarm skin tone.

Earlier this month, Wink was generous enough to giveaway free sessions of their newest offering, the Gentlemax Pro. And because I'm not one to shy away from freebies, I joined, and yes, luckily won as well!

Quick Bites: June Resto Roundup

Inactivity here in my blog doesn't always equate to idleness in real life. In fact, the past weeks, I've been to a handful of food joints with my friends! And no matter how I emphasize in my About that 'blogging is something that I'll never get tired of doing,' there are weeks that my plate gets so filled (no pun intended), I have no choice but to temporarily step back from it.

From some rarely noticed to the much hyped, here are a few restaurants that made an impression on me the past month:

1. The Rabbit Hole MNL

A new quaint place we discovered along Malugay. I saw something about Rabbit Hole in Instagram, I think, and was really intrigued because of the Alice in Wonderland reference. Coincidentally, I was meeting up with a bunch of my college friends in Makati on a Friday night, so I suggested the place. The place was cute and cozy! Friends who had the rice meals said the food was okay and filling. They had I ordered the intricate and pretty ube cake (forgot the name) and found it too beautiful to eat. Haha. It was fine as well, hoping for more ube flavor though. Another college friend loved the carrot cake because of how moist it was, but IDK why I found it salty. The cream cheese maybe? All their pastries were at 50% off that night! What a steal! Overall, not so bad. Might drop by again in the future since they're still in their soft opening when we visited.

This Very Moment

At this very moment, I am typing my 15th attempt to properly start this post. It's been half a month of radio silence in this blog; and though there's a lot of things I could write about, social media's been toxic the past weeks (especially since the election ugh) and it's such a pain to go through my Facebook News Feed and Twitter timeline -- online in general -- so imagine what more drumming up a timely blog post. Add the fact that commute to and from work (Ortigas - Cavite) takes a chunk of my time everyday, I rarely have the energy to post something worth reading. (I have too many excuses, I know.)

Enough of all that. The bright side of things: May, my most challenging month at work so far, is over, and yes, crazy as it sounds, we're halfway through the year.

Throughout the past month, I've participated in our company's Community Impact Month, a series of volunteering efforts that span the months of May and June. I've been to two events and I've got to say it's a different way of spending my Saturdays! We've been to Quezon to be with Bahay Tuluyan, to La Mesa Eco Park to learn about tree tagging, and this coming Saturday will be an afternoon of mural painting for me at Arroceros in Manila! Yay!

Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Body Scrub

The kind peeps of Asian Secrets sent me a tub of their body scrub and herbal soap for promotion of their month-long sale, and I figured why not squeeze in a quick review of the product. I'm in no way an expert when it comes to these things but I can safely say naman na I'm no stranger to it. I do indulge in a body scrub every once in a while, a little pamper yourself session (mostly it's a combo of scrub for my face and body and hot oil for my hair) on a Saturday night when I want to stay longer in the shower after a tiring work week. But I'm not very particular about the brand, I just use whatever's available (aka what my mom bought).

I've never tried any Asian Secrets product before but I do know about it because of their TVCs that featured Solenn Heusaff.

Yay + Nay: Single/Single and Forever Sucks

I'm not much of a TV person, so any show or series I follow are mainly recommended by friends or those I find on the Internet. So when it comes to local series, I really know of none (well, yes, On the Wings of Love but I mainly watched it online). After OTWOL ended last February, I looked for something I could binge watch and something with the same flavor because, you know, we all need a happy pill to get through all this adulting. Haha.

Now Playing: John Paul White - See If I Care

My The Civil Wars loving heart skipped a few beats when I noticed that there was some activity on John Paul White's Twitter account earlier last month: he changed his default photo and removed his bio, which previously said: "I am a War." Though I was internally screaming at the turn of events, it could just be out of whim. Nothing official. He just wanted to change his photo and move on from being a half of that duo.

Photo from
After the band's break up last 2014 (and my life was a bit sadder since then), JP left all his social media accounts untouched. The two cited "internal discord" as the reason for the split but neither spoke about it in black and white. Joy gave vague answers to interviews and JP maintained his distance from everything. He resurfaced early 2015 for this interview regarding his new indie label, Single Lock Records. Joy Williams then released a solo album, Venus. The first single off of it was titled "What a Good Woman Does," and Joy confirmed this is about TCW's break up and that yes, there were a couple of songs about John Paul. As for John Paul, if I dig hard enough online, I find some photos of him making appearances on some events.

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