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In the blogosphere, when you post something titled 'Life Lately,' it most of the time means your blog's been untouched for a long period of time and you'd like to let everyone know that you're still alive. Yes, I'm hopping on that train and doing the same thing right now because I don't know how else I'd ease my way back in here. Haha.

I haven't posted for more than a month because of... *drum roll* dengue. I really didn't see that coming. It was a weekend before the end of July, I came home from watching a theater play, and the next thing I know, I'm having chills due to a 40-degree fever. It went on for 2 days before I finally got myself checked and confined. It was the worst and most uncomfortable feeling. Days of constant fever, I had no appetite, I can't taste anything. At one point, I even had trouble breathing! After I recovered, it was back to work for me so all the blogging commitments I had had to be set aside in the mean time. Now, I'm down to one pending blog post so I guess my writing juju's back (and hopefully here to stay for a long time).

Anyway, while I'm here, I'm going to share some of the things that have kept me sane these past months that has been a roller coaster ride. Also, how is it September already?

Tripkada: FlipTrip's 'Trip-pooling' Mobile App

Three years ago, traveling was an odd concept to me. I guess it's because I always associated it with being costly -- booking flights, finding the time, pasalubong, extra expenses along the way. I was a total homebody who had difficulties in being new places and meeting people, add the fact that I'm really geographically challenged. Haha! I had all the excuses in the world! Come 2014, I've taken interest due to constant goading by friends and caught the wanderlust bug. I've joined in a couple of trips here and there and have learned to appreciate traveling! And last year was a feat: I was able to travel 8 times across the Philippines!

Now, do I dare go places that are far less traveled? Why not! I failed to travel solo this year and with that, I thought of challenging myself to go somewhere that's not touristy. And that's when I first heard of the website

FlipTrip is a travel platform that aims to bring together travelers and tourists, and the local communities in different destinations to give you a much more intimate and unique travel experience. This in turn creates a win-win scenario for both travelers and local independent businesses, which advances sustainable tourism. They also specialize in organizing trips to remote locations, which usually have incomplete or outdated information online.

Priva & ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo

The women of the new generation are generally more liberal and innovative when it comes to their point of views compared to the past ones. Times change and so do our perspectives and needs, and this is reflected on how we feel and understand ourselves. So whether if it's about work, love, health or education, we definitely won't settle for anything less.

I was invited to attend the Priva and ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo last July 17, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Ayala Center Makati, with the segments "Be Your Own Boss" and "How To Attract The (Perfect) Life and Love You Want" that aims to impart life-enriching tips for us to live our best lives and intends to the expo “share, inspire, and empower women to truly have it all.” Since Priva's latest variant, Perfect Care 2-in-1, highlights that same unbridled and uncompromised need of women to enjoy perfect intimate care, it came in as the perfect partner for the ChicDriven Women Empowerment Expo.

The second day of the expo was packed with activities, booths and workshops. I was able to catch two of their special segments, Be Your Own Boss and How To Attract The (Perfect) Life and Love You Want.

Chimara Feel Good Kitchen

Personally, the times I have the strongest cravings for "comfort" food are when I'm going through uncomfortable emotions like stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, the works. Whenever I feel like I'm too tired from my shift, I want something salty and crunchy to munch on. Frustrations sometimes trigger the urge for a bar of chocolate or a pint of ice cream. Emotional distress makes me binge eat. Yes, guilty as charged. And I know it's not a good habit.

I received an invitation from Taters Group a week or so ago to visit their newly opened restaurant, Chimara Feel Good Kitchen, in UP Town Center. The statement, "Chimara aims to promote food that comforts everyone’s mood and lifestyle and, at the same time, make customers feel good about themselves." really made me curious, even more the branding "feel good kitchen." I did a Google search about them to further familiarize myself and found out that Chimara was formerly called Chimara Neo-Vegan Cafe. Let's be honest, the terms "vegetarian," "vegan" or "healthy" are always associated with bland and boring food so I was intrigued how they would fare.

I figured this would be an opportunity to know more about mindful eating and to gradually knock the habit of equating comfort food with anything too greasy or too sweet, so I asked a couple of my friends to join me in dining at Chimara.

Uber Ice Cream: Indulge Together

Sure, ice cream's available all year-round and it's been wet weather all week here in Manila, but who can resist a sweet treat like this frozen dessert to brighten our grey, gloomy days?

You may not relive the carefree days when you used to frolic and dance under the rain with your childhood friends and excitedly jumping on little puddles of water or enjoy a cup of soup while watching old films indoors, but you can still feel like a kid again by ordering ice cream with Uber Ice Cream.

Last year, Uber indulged everyone with Merry Moo's Salted Caramel-flavored ice cream. This time, our favorite ride-sharing app has partnered with premium ice cream brand Magnum for an instant pick-me-up this coming July 15, 2016!

Yes, Uber is pulling all the stops this Friday (you'll be surprised with what other cute stunts they've got up their sleeves!) to deliver 4 bars of Magnum's newest flavor, Magnum Infinity, right at your doorstep! #UberIceCream is really the place to be for those who love quirks!

How to join #UberIceCream:
  1. Open the Uber app on Friday, July 15, between 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
  2. Set your location and request ICE CREAM.
  3. If connected, order away and get 4 bars of Magnum’s latest treat: Magnum Infinity; to be delivered to you in minutes!
  4. On this day only, get your ice cream and limited edition Uber swag – all for PhP 199. (Retail price for ice cream is PhP 240)
Deliveries will be limited to the following areas only: Legaspi and Salcedo Villages, Makati; Greenhills, San Juan; Ortigas Center, Pasig; The Fort BGC, Taguig; Eastwood, Quezon City; Katipunan, Quezon City; Alabang, Muntinlupa; Taft Ave., Manila; and Cubao, Quezon City. For Cebu, the areas covered will be Ayala Center Cebu and Cebu IT Park.

The campaign will be running in 400 cities from 69 countries worldwide, so be sure to take a moment and indulge with your friends and family, and share by using the hashtag #UberIceCream! Admit it, we all scream for ice cream! :)

For more information about this event, please visit:

Don't have the app yet? You can download it from Google Play or the App Store.

(Images from Uber)

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